Thank You, Mr. Surber

I was ticking through my news feed this afternoon and nearly did a spit-take when I hit Don Surber’s feed:


April 27, 2012 by Don Surber

After 7 years of blogging, I am quitting. I am exhausted. It was simply too much work. I am still employed by the Charleston Daily Mail and still writing editorial and columns and performing the sundry other tasks that go with any job.

Blogging was something extra. I loved blogging because I came in contact with readers directly. But over the past few months I realized I cannot continue doing both. I ain’t Superman.

I will miss you all and I appreciate the support from those who have emailed me.

Columns are at

I want to take a moment here to tell him thank you for his efforts.  Glenn Reynolds commented he understands why. Count me in that number of those who understand. I’ve only done this 2 years and part-time at that and I know how tired I get. Doing it for seven years and writing other pieces had to be pushing the envelope. I am, however, glad and relieved to see he will still be doing the opinion pieces; his voice and rare humor are needed.

I’m just “a little blog”. Pamela Geller said at BlogConCLT that ‘there is no such thing as a little blog’ and I am starting to see what she meant by that – we are all connected and truly I see an Army of Davids rising in the blogosphere. Anyway before I get on a tangent… my “little blog” was honored to have Mr. Surber link to me on various occasions. I doubt he knew how that made my day and fired me up – well, he might know now if he’s read this.

Thank you for your contributions and for lending me inspiration to continue on.



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4 Responses to Thank You, Mr. Surber

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  2. creeper00 says:

    Mr. Surber, I’d like to add my thanks to those of Lady Liberty. You made a difference to me. Well done, sir.


  3. Don Surber says:

    Thanks for kind words. Pam Geller is right as usual. (I have read her so much over 7 years that I feel I know her.) OIn the past month alone, bloggers have blunted the Romney dog thing (Jim Treacher: Oh yea? Well BO ate a dog) and Jammie Wearing Fool (and others) held the media’s feet to the fire over the Martin killing in Florida — a couple TV guys are now unemployed. How did Ann Romney turn around the working issue? A tweet. One tweet. You make a difference.


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