#WarOnStudents Continues; Adds Our Ears To Casualty List

Beyond cringe-worthy. Pretty sure my ears are now bleeding:

I’d say ‘keep your day job, Obama’… but I really don’t want that either.

I wrote yesterday about President Obama being in the Triangle for a stop at Liberal Student stronghold UNC Chapel Hill.  I’ve named this next step in his campaign ‘The War On Students’. His stop in NC yesterday he spoke about Student loan rates, dangling the topic like a carrot in front of a rabbit. We all are seeing the results in the housing market of the Fed keeping interest rates unnaturally low. The market has no way to correct except to crash. Let’s do that for student loans! Great idea.

The Herald Sun has a story on his trip to NC that I pulled this bit from:

“I’m worried about the rate rising because I have a lot of loans,” Williams said. “It would force me to go look for another job so I won’t have to burden my mother.”

The president’s word also hit home with Diane Wright, a Durham resident working to re-elect Obama.

“His position on student loans is spot on,” said Wright. “I’m a 53-year-old woman. I owe $52,000 on my student loans and I’m at a 7.5 [percent] interest rate.”

Am I the only one who thinks 52k in loans at 53 years old is odd? I’m also confused at her 7.5% rate. Average rates on federally subsidized student loans is at 3.4% right now I believe. (#DontDoubleMyRate – ?) Perhaps she didn’t qualify for assistance and went through a private lender. If that’s the case, she didn’t shop around very well. I find it sadly amusing that they quote a 53 year old student. So much for the ‘youth’ vote. I wonder how many other adult students were there? No mention of jobs at this speech – although it’s clear at CU students aren’t thrilled with Obama on that front, but it’s clear a lot of people are heading back to school in an attempt to find one…but I digress. Back to the enthusiasm gap for Obama with the youth vote. The excitement the youth vote once had for him is clearly not there this time around – in fact, it’s “fizzled“. So, I guess it’s not so odd he had to go with a smaller venue this time around:


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