But Of Course: The War On Hookers

Hookergate = War on “sex workers”?

The Secret Service is involved in a very serious scandal which reflects badly on President Obama, so let’s make it about the ‘rights’ of prostitutes to deflect a bit. I really think I hurt my head. I banged it on my desk pretty hard when I read this story at ABC:

Never mind the use of taxpayer dollars, the potential threat to national security, the embarrassment brought to the U.S. government. In one regard, at least, “Hookergate” was a good thing, at least to sex workers in the United States: It called attention to the plight of sex workers here, where prostitutions is illegal and practitioners have no rights.

I don’t think I’ve read a more stupid opening paragraph.  ‘The plight of sex workers”? Seriously? As you read the whole thing, they refer to hooker and prostitutes only as ‘sex workers’, by the way.  Is this some sad attempt to salvage their ‘war on women’ meme? Get Hilary Rosen on it – these are working women right? Also, what’s with the plural ‘prostitutions’ in the last sentence? Top notch, crack team of writers they’ve got at ABC.

A little further down, they fulfill their ‘Blame Bush’ quota (emphasis mine):

Interestingly, hiring a prostitute (and related adultery issues) was never specifically outlawed in the military until 2006, when the Bush administration made changes to the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ). Today, it’s banned even if prostitution is legal in the country. Military personnel who patronize prostitutes can receive up to a year in jail, get a dishonorable discharge, and lose all pay and allowances.

You need to read the whole absurd thing.

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