The Friday Focus

The Friday Focus

You Call THAT An Apology?! Edition

From an Article at HuffPo (click to go there):
Ran into the delightful Hilary Rosen (one 'L') and captured her looking soigné on the floor. (Democratic National Convention 2008)


By now, you have likely heard how Democrat strategist Hilary Rosen stepped in a huge pile yesterday on CNN by attacking Ann Romney. If not, this post will definitely bring you up to speed on Rosen’s statements, her doubling down, the White House throwing her under the bus, Carney beclowning himself and her faux apology to Mrs. Romney.

First let’s start with the Videos:

Yikes, that’s what she calls an apology? Now that we have all the statements from Ms. Rosen and Mrs. Romney’s very class reply, let’s move on to the nuts and bolts:

So, who is Hilary Rosen anyway? We now know she doesn’t know how to apologize but we’ve also just learned she’s a lesbian (who knew and who cared?) and was hired to help Debbie Wasserman Shultz. Imagine that!:

Some Conservative reactions:

Some Left reactions:

We know how friendly the Obama White House is for female workers. Perhaps this was all part of the Obama camp plan? One thing is for sure, it’s a giant framing fail.  It’s also one big. fat hypocrisy sammich since both Obama and Rosen have whined and cried for the other side to leave Michelle Obama alone. Speaking of Michelle Obama, I think maybe Rosen and Andrea Mitchell should have lunch since neither of them have a clue about what a stay at home mom is or does.

I do know one thing for sure, I’m now fired up for Mitt Romney and I am definitely on #TeamAnn. Thanks Hilary Rosen! You managed to do in one interview what no one else has so far in this election:

Unite Conservatives behind Romney.

Click Image To End Obama's War On Moms





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