AP Takes Obama’s Reporting Advice

This morning I had the displeasure to read a column in the AP by David Crary entitled: Back to the past at Augusta: women still outsiders

Mr. Crary seems to have taken Obama’s advice to reporters quite to heart. All the talking points are there on this non-issue. His piece paints the climate for women in the United States as a giant version of “Mad Men”. He even has references the show in the column:

“They’re clearly living in a time warp,” said Lisa Maatz, director of public policy for the American Association of University Women, who evoked the sexist mindsets of 50 years ago on display in the TV series “Mad Men.”

“In a culture where `Mad Men’ has become such a hit, it feels like we’re falling back into some of those policies,” Maatz added. “It’s resulting in a lot of mad women.

Then this talking point gem later:

“Yet in Congress, women hold less than 17 percent of the seats – 73 of 435 in the House and 17 of 100 in the Senate. Only a tiny percentage of major American corporations have women as CEOs.

That sounds SO familiar..oh yes, Obama said that. This White House memo closes with this:

“There’s definitely a sense of `Here we go again,'” Maatz said. “I hope the leadership of the club is thinking, this isn’t going away … Do it and be done with it, and look forward to next year when you won’t have to talk about it.”

Oh dear yes, let’s cross one more place we’ve bullied into submission off our list shall we? They  have no right to run their club as they see fit. Silly them! My God, my eyes actually hurt from the amount of rolling they have done as I wrote this column.

Let’s meet Lisa Maatz, or rather re-meet her. She’s been after Augusta National to admit women for over ten years now. She is likely going to be our tour guide, or alternatively the next  Sandra Fluke, for the ‘Komen treatment‘ that Augusta National is about to receive. If the two of them aren’t pals already, I am sure they will be. Ms. Maatz, Ms. Fluke and the DNC, you don’t speak for me.

There is no mention in the article of  Augusta National’s history or that it is a private club that can decide membership as it wishes. The entire piece assumes that everyone should be entitled to everything or anything anyone else is doing. I feel like I’m reading a decree from Dolores Umbridge ordering all Hogwarts groups disbanded – no worse it’s the opposite: every club has to admit every pupil.

So, when do the men of Augusta National get to join NOW? Can they join the women’s volleyball team at Joe Blow University? Should they be let into the local Curves gym? I think it’s high time men were allowed to have a uterus. While we’re at it, why not let women have male genitalia? We’ve got a transgender Miss Universe contestant in this “Mad Men” era we’ve been flung back to after all. It’s long past time that any men should be excluded from anything, right?  Hey, I’ve got one: when do women get to golf with President Obama?

I am certain we will see that soon. That’s a photo-op he can’t possibly pass up.

I find this entire line of attack the President is taking with his manufactured war on women to be highly offensive. I don’t care if they only admit men — it’s their club and they can operate it as they wish. Stop treating women like pawns who can’t take care of themselves. A lot of us do not even agree with you! The thuggish tactics and Left engineered boycotts we’re seeing are nauseating.

Iran is working on Nukes with a nod of approval from this President. North Korea is firing off missiles. Egypt just received $1.5 Billion in aid after he met with the Muslim Brotherhood. Obama wants another round of Green Loans. Our debt is staggering and he’s still spending! Unemployment is still above 8% (it’s much higher but they keep cooking the numbers), gas prices are still rising, food costs are inching up, layoffs are still happening and this administration has fanned the flames of racism to new levels.  You see, there are quite a number of very serious problems facing this nation, then again that must be why we are talking about women being admitted to a traditionally male membership only golf club.

Par for the course with Obama.

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A.P. Dillon is a freelance journalist and is currently writing at The North State Journal. She resides in the Triangle area of North Carolina. Find her on Twitter: @APDillon_
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