Dear Augusta National…Update: I told you so

Dear Augusta National-

You have every right to maintain an all male membership has you have since your inception. Do NOT bow to pressure as they attempt to give you the ‘Komen Treatment‘, as I now call such media and advocacy group blitzes. The Left and this administration are seizing every opportunity to force “fairness” on every aspect of our society despite the state laws, Constitution or basic freedom to choose for ourselves. They will grab this one with both hands before the week is out. Mark my words.

You are a private business with private membership that can operate as you please. Stand firm.

Lady Liberty 1885

UPDATE 4-5-12:  That didn’t take long. Obama is already calling for Augusta to admit women. I told ya so!

UPDATE 4-6-12:  #1 – Now the media is on it  starting with the NY Times, of course. Here come the calls for a boycott and related pressure.  #2 – I didn’t think the GOP candidates would be HELPING. #3 – McRino piles on. I’m appalled at the idiocy of these people — this is a private club that has the right to admit who they wish. GET OVER IT!

UPDATE 4-7-12: I could kiss Andrew Stiles for this article. I’d like to pair it with this video: Obama urges more women in Congress

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