The Martin/Zimmerman Chronicle Thread

Media Malpractice At Its Worst

I started tracking this on a prior post, but have decided to place the updated chronicle portion of it here for simplicity sake.

Let me be clear, I do not believe this boy should be dead. I also do not believe Zimmerman should be tried in the court of public opinion — especially one as mistake laced and agenda driven as the media has created in this case.  I’ve taken flak for pointing out these items in various forums, Twitter and Facebook. I am sure I will take some more, but you can hate the messenger all you want — the truth is, the media has decided Zimmerman is a racist and this is a hate crime, therefore it shall be so. It is clear no one in the mainstream media learned anything from Tuscon other than how to push their own narratives out of the starting gate.  Now, here comes the tin-foil hat moment: I think they did it on purpose. Think about what was going on (obamacare) when media attention exploded, think about the poll position Obama was in and the string of failures over the last month. There is one card left to be played – civil unrest. What better than a series of race riots quelled by the first Black President – the healer of oceans and a nation? Right… Maybe that’s nutty, maybe not.

The updates are mainly calling out media malpractice, but there are some timeline type links as well. In order, newest first:

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