Alexandra Pelosi’s Rednecks Versus Deadbeats

I give her credit for showing both sides of the coin. She’s absolutely right that she will get a lot of crap from the Left since she dared to speak the forbidden words: Entitlement Culture.

Pelosi denied those she interviewed as being a microcosm, but that’s clearly an overstated denial. She even admits her interviews are stereotypes – they would have to be in order for her to make her point. If she wants validity, she should post all of her footage uncut.

Maher keeps trying to play the race card on those pesky southern rednecks throughout, but his own racism is what is crystal clear in this segment as he announced that,  “The Black legacy is a little more real”.

Maher went further to prove he is not a racist – because one can only be a racist if they hate black people, right Bill?:

“I, after all,  just gave my imaginary child’s college fund to Barack Obama and you are the daughter of Nancy Pelosi, so of all the people in the world we are not out to fuck black people.”

Long & Short of Maher’s Racism:

Whites who believe in God and doing things for themselves = evil, because they are all racist rednecks.

Blacks who outright want free stuff, can’t get jobs due to criminal records and have tons of kids by different women out of wedlock = good, because it’s not their fault, it’s their legacy.


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