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Obama’s Gas Problem Edition

We’re not quite at Carter Level Panic at the pump complete with gas lines… YET.

Obama has a real problem on his hands with gas prices and polling shows just how big it is. So what’s he doing about it? He’s trotting around the country campaigning at community colleges and high schools with the same sack of sorry excuses on gas prices that he’s been peddling since he was elected. He’s using these rallies not to allay fears, but instead to stir it up. Stirring the base’s anger while simultaneously instilling anxiety in those listeners by placing the blame elsewhere; spinning a number of oil lies and condemning Conservatives for actually having a plan and yes, it includes drilling. Obama waves off  drilling as being a short-term solution and politics as usual, but his own plan has drilling added to it now. Each of us is living the consequences of several decades of blocked drilling by Democrats and have watched this President strangle our domestic energy producers.  Yet, magically, this is not his doing.  So, in a nutshell, it’s not his fault – again.

What a load of crap.

Flashback 2010: CNN reports $5 gas in 18 months thanks to collapsing dollar, poor planning, and Obama oil drilling bans, but mostly all of the above

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This is the man who has been pushing Green energy for which we have no infrastructure for and service to repay his pals for campaign contributions. This same man has done everything in his power to slow domestic oil production and refinement via regulations and moratoriums,  yet touts that his administration has seen the highest yield of oil in over a decade — he wants you to ignore, of course, that the permits being used for drilling going on now were signed under Bush.  He’s killed not one, but two pipeline deals that would have brought tens of thousands of jobs and brought us closer to energy independence, choosing instead to use our tax dollars to chase windmills, high-speed bullet trains and electric cars that catch on fire.

Now he’s been chatting with British PM Cameron about releasing our strategic oil reserves to curb the price increases.  I can tell you with no doubt that will do little to nothing except further deplete our stockpiles.  He did it once before, with the Arab Spring and being the blame du jour that time. ( Last year it was Iran and he wasted no time making people freak out. His all of the above energy policy really means blaming all of the above.)  Prices dipped for about 3 weeks and then were up above the pre-release price by July.  Obama has beaten up on Conservatives for wanting to open up drilling and pipelines, calling them “short-term solutions”.  Now the President wants to repeat his own failed history by opening the reserves again, which by his logic would equal a solution lasting about as long as the blink of an eye.  Really?.

From 2011, but it is just as valid today:

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