Obama Super-PAC: Maher’s words crude, but Limbaugh’s worse.

From TPM, emphasis mine, make sure you read the whole thing including the comments:

Bill Burton, the head of the super PAC backing President Obama’s reelection campaign, responded Thursday to calls from the right and some women’s groups that the PAC should repudiate some of the past language from comedian Bill Maher, who donated $1 million to the PAC last month.

“First of all, obviously, some of those things were vulgar and inappropriate and said over the course of years of a comedian’s life,” Burton told MSNBC. “It’s not language I would use or language we would use at Priorities USA.”

Burton then went on to dismiss the suggestion that Maher’s past words about Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann were comparable to Rush Limbaugh’s attacks on Sandra Fluke.

“What the de facto leader of the Republican Party said to sexually degrade a woman who led in a political debate of our time is crazy,” Burton said. “There’s no similarity about what Rush Limbaugh said, lying about the argument that Miss Fluke was making, a law student at Georgetown, and what a comedian has said in the past.”

Did you catch that? It’s only worthy of fire and brimstone attacks when a conservative calls a liberal a bad name. I’m sure Obama won’t be giving Maher’s $1 million back. What a lovely example to set for his daughters — it’s  fine to degrade some women, in particular those who disagree with daddy.
Enjoy that million bucks worth of hypocrisy.

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