The Morning Links Special Edition: The 30 Year Old Occupier

This is a special edition of The Morning Links.  In compiling the links for March 5th, I noticed I had gathered numerous stories about the woman I am calling the 30 year-old occupier. Everyone else knows her as Sandra Fluke. I initially dismissed her childish claims until Rush went on his tirade about her, bringing about the rise of what Liberals have dubbed on Twitter as #Slutgate. Then it occurred to me that her testimony resembled the persistent entitlement whining we have seen from Occupy.  Her dubious and absurd testimony before Congress is just an extension of their movement. It was staged, much like the rest of the rest of the Democrats social issues manufactured outrage. The choice of Georgetown was no accident. The Left has successfully created a useful victim, however if Obama decides to revisit this debacle he will look like somewhat of a jerk in rehashing comments by Limbaugh that his own side is decrying as ‘outrageous’, albeit hypocritical given the Left’s penchant for displaying hyperbolic ‘new tone’.

She’s a 30 year-old alleged Georgetown Law student (alleged or in reality the past president of Law Students for Reproductive Justice) who is smart enough to get into a great Catholic based institution, yet can’t figure out how to budget her own sex life. Her solution? Make someone else pay for it. These feminists never seem to tire of claiming it’s their body and their right to this or that, yet take the route of making themselves dependent on someone else to achieve said independence.

Make no mistake, this was a calculated set-up to extend the life of the contraception debate. It is to keep us all chasing our tails in order to provide cover for Obama during campaign season. The White House needs a villain. Everyone hates Congress equally on both sides of the aisle, so it can’t be them. Obama needs to shift the vitriol spotlight onto the Republicans and stir the base. I’m taking a page out of the Treacher book – If you think contraception is the big problem facing this country right now, you might be a Liberal.I know what Breitbart would say. It’s not this woman that’s the problem, it’s the media shoving her false message down our throats.

I will add to this post when and if I see items that fit it, just as I have chronicled Occupy. Since Limbaugh has apologized, let’s see if we can’t get back to focusing on the real issues.

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