I See What You Did There, Rush

First it they attacked Komen on Abortion for, ironically, using their power of choice.

Then it was a war on our freedom of religion via the HHS mandate.

Then it was Sandra Fluke bemoaning the dire need for women to have “free” contraception because they’re going broke having so much sex.

Now the furor is over Rush Limbaugh stating the obvious.

Well played Rush. I see what you did there.

It’s no longer a women’s health issue, it’s now a Rush Limbaugh Issue.  Breitbart is applauding, I’m sure.

Now, let’s back to the real issues.


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2 Responses to I See What You Did There, Rush

  1. Evin Young says:

    “War on Religion”..because of birth control? Are you serious?

    I knew conservatives were a little..delusional (you guys did elect W. after all.) but seriously? So you don’t like healthy women? You want this country to be overpopulated and for everyone not to get food?

    …Over religion?

    If the institution–such as Georgetown–takes federal money (and it does), then it has to follow federal guidelines. This has NOTHING to do with religion until conservatives needed a rally cry.

    • It has everything to do with freedom of religion and of religious conscience. The very first thing the Founders wrote down was to protect the exercise of religion. If you cannot see that, I cannot help you.

      This has nothing to do with women’s health and everything to do with the trampling of the First Amendment. Your statement that “we must not care about women” is invalid and a strawman, as is your statement about people going hungry because of all the babies that would be born. I can’t imagine the horror of a woman actually paying for her own sexual needs or better yet, a man actually contributing in that area.

      You want government out of your bedrooms yet ask them to force others to pay for the activities there — and for some, against their religious beliefs.

      Sorry, but you’re wrong.

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