The Friday Focus (3/3/12) – Breitbart Edition


Andrew Breitbart (1969-2012)

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I like to write.  I don’t do it for money, although one day I hope to.  I do it almost daily out of a sense of duty and I find many topics to that spur me to turn my ‘rant mode’ on. This blog as been my outlet for what Mr. Liberty calls my ‘strident side’ and I almost never run out of something to say. I find that not to be the case for this post – not that I don’t have something to write, but that I find no enthusiasm for writing this one.

I actually am writing this on Thursday, just hours after I found out Andrew Breitbart had died. I am still reeling from the news. Reality has not quite sunk in yet for me. I admit I’ve felt empty and tearful most of the day.  Breitbart was more than an icon to a lot of us –  he was hope. This was one of a few people out there in the Conservative arena, despite the fact he didn’t consider himself part of politics, who inspired me to dig below the surface and to confront the Left head on. His outspokenness reminded me to actually live a long-time mantra of my own:  Man up, Nancy.  Tucker Carlson might say something similar; Breitbart was “utterly ballsy“.  I rather like the cut of Carlson’s jib.

His in-your-face style enraged liberals the world over, yet he never backed down. It was this sharp courage in him that I drew from.  I found my voice and started using it. I had hoped to meet him at the upcoming BlogCon next month in Charlotte.  His absence there will be enormous. Conservatives have lost a real warrior. His family has lost much, much more. My heart breaks for his wife and four children.

For more than a decade I sat by and let friends, family and acquaintances trash conservative figures I admired and beliefs I held without really speaking up. It seemed like I was outnumbered and futile to start a debate. I was wrong. So, so very wrong. The silent majority is not a myth and I found myself leading my own battalion via this blog. I’ve had my detractors and trolls, but I had learned to dissect and stymie them by taking a page out of the Andrew Breitbart playbook: Stay cool and battle their lies and PC guilt trips with fact. Nothing ticks a liberal off more than being confronted with logic, facts and truth. Stop letting them control the narrative.

So, in true Breitbart fashion, I present this Friday Focus dedicated to the key point Breitbart drove home from start to finish. Ace of Spades nailed it when he  tweeted this key theme:

“It’s just that we’re amused that the left chooses, voluntarily, to confirm @andrewbreitbart‘s chief thesis.”

What chief thesis? That the Left, the Liberals, the Progressives – whatever label you choose makes little difference – are frauds. The holier than thou fingers they point at everyone around them crying racism, extremism, Islamophobia, intolerance and heartlessness should really be pointed at themselves.

The irony drips from every tweet, every blog post and every Facebook status message they post. Chances are you’ve witnessed some of it yourself. If not, here is a sample:

Even in death, Andrew Breitbart is exposing what the Left really is. That is something to remember as we pick up his mantle and march forward. What we also need to remember is that this flood of vitriol and venom spewing forth from the Liberals right now is not just about Andrew Breitbart. It’s the mindset of how they see the rest of “us”. By “us”, I mean anyone who doesn’t fit their Orwellian narrative. Andrew Breitbart spoke at CPAC this year and in his speech there was a message. That message was to unite or fall.   His death and the Left’s celebrations about it hammer that point home in a very serious and chilling manner. To them, I say, “BEHAVE YOURSELVES!”

We are all Breitbart now. Unite or fall.

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