Really Ladies? REALLY?

“Government, Get Out Of My Womb!”

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But make it all “free” and pass some laws on it, will ya?

About that picture above…your hypocrisy and double standards are gag inducing.

/Rant Mode On

You want government out of your womb… unless it’s to enable you to suck a baby out of it with a vacuum nut not have to look at it in an ultrasound.

You want the government out of your womb…. unless it’s to force employers to provide in their plans to offer you ‘free’ contraception.

You want the government out of your womb… unless you’re not getting your ‘free’ condoms or pills from planned parenthood courtesy of the taxpayer.

You want the government out of your womb… unless you don’t like the fact I’m protesting MY MONEY being used to support YOUR WOMB.

Feminist my ass, you’re a government totalitarian fan that happens to have boobs. I’m so God damn sick of being ridiculed for championing personal responsibility and respecting life.

/Rant Mode Off


I’ve written on this manufactured contraception/abortion crisis before. Rome is burning, but let’s talk about contraception, ultrasounds and abortion.  Some things bear repeating though – the tin ear of Democrats, Feministas, activists and a few others out there need it.

To the Co-ed law students at Georgetown: I’d suggest examining your priorities. Try studying more and screwing less. I fear for the batch of lawyers that they are producing there who can’t seem to pass any bar they walk by. So smart they got into Georgetown law, but not bright enough to make their partners pony up some condoms or to find cheaper and/or free sources. Where are the guys in this mounting cost of birth control? Are they getting a free ride? Yes, I know how that sounded, but answer the question. By the way, Sandra Fluke is no ordinary law student there; she’s front and center on purpose. Oh and Pelosi – can the outrage.

To State Representative Dave Albo: You’re marriage probably has more wrong with it than this if you’re blaming bad press for not getting it on with your wife. Beyond the pale in lame.

To the “activists” and their doomsday predictions if women don’t get contraception: Decaf is just as tasty as the real thing. You are all Darwin Award candidates.  I have never heard such incredible idiocy as that.

To all the women out there demanding others pay for your sexual encounters or premeditated murder of the unborn you like to call abortion: This.

One last thing ladies…

“Take your life in your own hands, and what happens? A terrible thing: no one to blame.” – Erica Jong

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