The Friday Focus (2/24/12)


Watch The Other Hand Edition

Obama announced a Corporate Rate “tax cut” with one hand and then with the other raised dividend tax rates to nearly 3 times today’s rate with the other.

Under Obama, what was bad went to worse with a mountain of debt:

What this means for our children:

Gas prices under Obama have risen steadily with $5 and $6 dollar a gallon rates on the way with some drivers already paying those rates:

Food Prices rising 2.5% to 3.5% is a conservative estimate now given the rise in fuel.

Oh and did you hear? Our debt per capita is higher than Greece’s now. Yes, I have a chart of that too:

All these charts are downright ulcer inducing, especially this one…but let’s talk about gay marriage, contraception and transvaginal ultrasounds instead. We have to stop letting Obama dictate the topic of conversation.  Start with this post. Pass it on.



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