The Friday Focus (2/17/12)


Changing The Conversation Edition

Obama has done a thorough job in the last week of making the social issues the focus and keeping his failure of a presidency out of the conversation.  His assault on religious institutions via the HHS mandate of contraception was just such a focus shifter. The media has whipped up a frenzy to help him out and like it or not, Conservative outlets have been chomping on the red meat he has thrown down on the table. Obama has made the question of religious conscience into a battle cry of “they are going to ban contraception” – even though no one out there has ever said they would ban it. Abortion is a losing card for Obama and he knows it. So, he needed something he could pick a social fight over and thereby changed the game to contraception instead.  Glenn Reynolds says what I’ve been thinking all week, via Don Surber:

 “Obama spent us into bankruptcy, most of the money went to cronies, and the job situation got worse. That’s the real story, not a question of who pays for birth control, which doesn’t cost that much anyway.”

Meanwhile, Rome is still burning. Our debt is out of control. Gas prices are rising. Home foreclosures are rising – again. Food prices are ticking up. Unprecedented numbers of Americans are on Food Stamps and Government assistance. Unemployment is still 8.5%, but the real number when you include those who have dropped out of the workforce is much higher and underemployment hovering around 18.7%. Something smells…it’s books and they are being cooked.

We have to re-focus and stop biting on his lures. His budget was due out, he appointed an Amnesty Czar and did Lord know what else while we we whipped up by his trampling of the Constitution in the name of the common good. The religious freedom attacks need responding to, I am not saying to drop it, but we cannot afford to be manipulated by this President.

From the Wall Street Journal:

The real news in Mr. Obama’s budget proposal is the story of those four years, and what a tale they tell.

• Four years of spending of more than 24% of GDP, the four highest spending years since 1946. In the current fiscal year of 2012, despite talk of austerity, Mr. Obama predicts spending will increase by $193 billion to $3.8 trillion, or 24.3% of GDP. The top chart shows the unprecedented four-year blowout.

• Another deficit of $1.327 trillion in 2012, also an increase from 2011, and making four years in a row above $1.29 trillion. The last time that happened? Never.

• Revenues at historic lows because of the mediocre recovery and temporary tax cuts that are deadweight revenue losses because they do so little for economic growth. The White House budget office estimates that for the fourth year in a row revenues won’t reach 16% of GDP. The last time they were below 16% for any year was 1950.

• All of this has added as astonishing $5 trillion in debt in a single Presidential term. National debt held by the public—the kind you have to pay back—will hit 74.2% this year and keep rising to 77.4% next year. The bottom chart shows the trend.

Some additional reminders of what we all need to get back to regarding his budget – which apparently we have to ‘pass in order to see what is in it’:

Where are the jobs?


What recovery?


This is just one slice of a giant pie of fail that this President has on his plate. We need to start serving up the rest of them as well – Green loan scandal, Fast and Furious, “Smart” diplomacy, weakened US defenses, failed stimulus, his support of Occupy, Union agenda, The Buffett rule, Class warfare, Amnesty any way he can, illegal payments to ACORN… the list is almost endless.  His flip-flops alone are enough to skewer him with yet no one is going after him. He promised he would ‘fundamentally transform this country’ and here we are, resisting said transformation while hanging off a cliff with Greece and Europe waving at us from below.

Come on, people! Focus for crying out loud. We have more ammo now that we did a year ago!




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