The Friday Focus (2/10/12)


Shiny Objects Again



He did it again. While we were all paying attention to Obama’s outrageous attacks on Religious freedom, he was sneaking in his latest Congressional Unapproved Czar.  This one is the Illegal Alien Advocate Czar – or if you prefer, the Amnesty Czar. The name of the new Amnesty Czar is Andrew Lorenzen-Strait.

From Big Government:

“His job will be to “serve as a point of contact for individuals, including those in immigration proceedings, NGOs, and other community and advocacy groups, who have concerns, questions, recommendations or important issues they would like to raise.” This new role, says Lorenzen-Strait, will help ICE “focus the agency’s immigration enforcement resources on sensible priorities” – code for doing less, since the Obama Administration consistently makes a big deal out of the notion that most illegal immigrants aren’t dangerous and therefore should be left to their own devices – and “implement policies and processes that priorities the health and safety of detainees in our custody.” And he has one more job, according to ICE Enforcement Director John Morton: he’ll have to explain to all of us why ICE lets illegal immigrants off the hook.”

In a nutshell, he’s supposed to listen to illegals complain and figure out how to make them happy — meaning how to keep them in the country despite their illegal status.  His big experience to handle this job comes from being a lawyer in Maryland who did divorces and child advocacy cases pro bono. Oh, and being Latino.

We’ve just been distracted by more of his shiny objects again. This must be his big idea of “insourcing” again. Millions are out of work, welfare recipients outnumber taxpayers and he’s trying to keep every illegal alien here possible. That figures. There goes Chancellor Obama…doing everything he can without Congress to change the laws on his own.

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