Obama’s Idea of “Insourcing”

It’s 2012: Where Are The Jobs?

From FOX:

“President Obama is calling attention to companies that have brought jobs back to American soil, offering it up as another way of putting people back to work. 

The White House plans to hold a forum on Wednesday called “Insourcing American Jobs,” which will bring together business leaders who have brought jobs back to the United States. The president said Saturday in his weekly radio and Internet address that the forum will discuss ways business leaders can return more jobs to the country.”

We all have seen how well that has worked out for his Green Agenda. Add Ener1 and Amonix to the list of taxpayer dollars flushed down the drain.

In North Carolina, Obama’s idea of “insourcing” are manufacturing jobs created by companies like Cree and WestStar Precision – in China and Puerto Rico. In North Carolina where he won in 2008, he is seeing his approval rating eroding. Even his biggest supporter has decided to take a powder and has done so in a very thin-skinned Obamaesque manner. By Obamaesque, I mean complaining and blaming everyone but themselves because they didn’t get their way. My mouth fell open reading this statement from Perdue reported by The Rocky Mount Telegram:

“GREENSBORO – Gov. Bev Perdue said Saturday that her decision not to seek re-election was the “most selfless decision I’ve ever made” but said it was necessary to press for more education funding during her last year in office.”

Translate that to ‘I wasn’t getting my way’ and ‘I’ve got a cushy six figure lobbying job waiting’. Then later she says:

“I’ve never seen such rabid partisanship,” Perdue said. “I’ve never seen such divisiveness.”

Selfless my behind. She’s taking her toys and going home. She modeled herself after Obama and the people responded by voting more Republicans into the NC Legislature, creating a majority for the first time in 100 years. That was a huge message from the people which speaks volumes about her but even more about her love affair with Barack Obama and his administration.  Her reaction to that message was to rubber stamp veto anything they produced. She vetoed more bills than any NC governor I can recall and had most of those vetoes overturned.

With Perdue out and the rise of support behind McCrory, North Carolina is not going to be a swing state for Obama anymore. It’s a Red state.







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