NBC FL GOP Presidential Debate (1/23/12)

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The Full Video: NBC News – Republican Candidates Debate @ University of S. Florida in Tampa, FL – January 23, 2012 – YouTube

The Full Transcript: NBC Tampa Debate Transcript

The Lady’s Take:

NBC fails. They removed the audience reaction factor. NBC was clearly trying level the playing field in an attempt to help Mitt come back to the top slot on behalf of Obama. Didn’t work. Not only was it painfully boring, Mitt botched it. He ended up looking like an angry little dog, “bow-wow yapyapyapyap!” I was yelling “Shut the Hell up! Attack Obama already you putz!” at my TV as he meandered through the same 3-4 lies he likes to use to as slap downs on Gingrich. Those of us who lived through the 90’s and stayed sane know that Romney is full of crap.  Brian Williams asked some of the lamest questions. He also kind of snubbed Santorum and Paul a bit in favor of letting it be the Romney-Gingrich throw down hour.

Where were the questions on the TSA? Fast and Furious? Keystone? Nowhere. Instead we got questions on what they would do in a case like Terry Schiavo?? Is that the best NBC had to offer about Florida? Wow.

Things that stuck out:

The whole ‘influence peddling’ thing Romney started was on a high-speed collision course to Fail Town. He couldn’t even muster the fortitude to call Gingrich a “lobbyist” until he got into full barking mode, just like he refused to call Obama a Socialist. Weak.  He’s treading a fine line there because I remember this, this  and this from not so long ago. Then there is this from 1994.

Ron Paul saying he’d do nothing if Castro died. The man lives in La-La land when it comes to foreign affairs.

Romney with his ‘self-deportation‘ as his big plan for dealing with illegal immigration:

“Well, the answer is self-deportation, which is people decide they can do better by going home because they can’t find work here because they don’t have legal documentation to allow them to work here,” Romney said, raising eyebrows if nothing else than for the opacity of the concept. “And so we’re not going to round people up.”

What surprised me more was Santorum semi-supporting that idea. Really guys?

Gingrich held his ground and didn’t give in much to Romney’s attacks. With NBC keeping the crowd from reacting, the silence while Romney was yip-yapping at Gingrich was deafening. His line of attack and accusations on Gingrich being a “lobbyist” making $1.6 million in fees over 6 or so years for consulting work at Freddie Mac needs some work after all,  we just learned Romney made $45 million in 2010-11 yet paid only 15% in taxes or about $6.2 million. I’m glad he’s successful, that’s great, but selling us this salt of the Earth, squeaky-behind-the-ears act is a non-starter.

Gingrich took no swipes at the elite media tonight. What would be the point with no ovations? NBC had to be counting on that, but it was unnecessary since Willliams was a snore. It’s because of that fact that I feel they gagged the audience to help Romney specifically.

Santorum and Paul were afterthoughts at this debate. They got some time in but it was less than before because of all the time wasted in the beginning. That kind of ticked me off.

Winner: ABC, CNN, FOX and CBS for their debates not sucking as badly as this one did.

The Rest in Order: Romney & Gingrich tied, Santorum, Paul

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