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Voter Fraud Edition

The Lefties, Liberals, NAACP and Democrats all keep calling Voter Fraud a myth despite the evidence to the contrary — and the arrests. Their claims that voter fraud is not widespread and that it only ‘isolated cases’ exist has become quite the joke. Anyone daring to suggest we need ID to vote is immediately labeled a racist, which to me is absurd and an insult to minority voters. The Democrats using the race card here are insinuating that minorities are too stupid or too incapable of procuring an ID? I have a hard time following Liberal logic, don’t you? Seems to me that instead of saying there would be disenfranchised voters and playing the race card, they would serve these voters better to perhaps assist them in getting said ID? I mean, come on. We need ID for cigarettes, alcohol, to register our kids for school, to buy drain cleaner, check into a hotel and to register in the armed services…but not to determine who are elected officials and President are? Absurd.

One Representative, Artur Davis, is calling his own party’s bluff:

“Voter fraud is common in many jurisdictions,” David told TheDC. “I’m struck by the people who forcibly argue there’s no such thing, that it never happens. Many jurisdictions are slow to purge their rolls, so people who have been dead for a number of years can still be on those rolls, and people who have died more recently are certainly on them.”

The public temperature has been taken on this issue and overwhelmingly sides in favor of Voter ID laws. States are now under attack by our own DOJ for attempting to pass and implement stricter rules at the ballot box such as having to provide ID. The DOJ and Democrats have of course screamed “that’s racist” as I’ve already mentioned, but when you look at the State requirements, they aren’t the evil, restrictive codes the DOJ is making them out to be.

Let’s take a at how isolated and insignificant the number of cases is, shall we?

Over the last decade, 42 states have seen voter fraud arrests. That seems to me to fly in the face of the claim voter fraud is not widespread. Some of them had rather large numbers (in the thousands) of ballot tampering or fraud attached to them. That kind of kicks the snot of the ‘insignificant number’ claim.
A few examples:

So who organizes this kind of revolting and insidious law breaking? One only has to look for an ACORN. ACORN has been in the business of stealing elections any which way they can for the better part of a decade — and Obama loves them. A lot.

ACORN has been busy all over this country and when their representatives started being indicted with greater frequency and in increasing numbers, they simply re-organized under different names. The stings and busts of ACORN kept rolling in and the horrific recruiting and persuasion tactics – including drugs and prostitution – were exposed.  For an idea of their operating procedures and activities, try reading about Project Vote in Colorado.  Eye opening. Speaking of Project Vote, Obama also worked for them and now they are working for him:

Looking closely at the main tactics employed by ACORN, one sees the abuse of Absentee ballots to come up again and again. Think about that the next time you get a mailer urging you to use an absentee ballot and skip the lines on voting day.

In 2010, ACORN was legally barred from receiving any tax payer funds, yet that didn’t stop Obama from giving them over 700k in taxpayer money through housing funding channels, hoping it would get lost in the shuffle and no one would notice. Most recently, we were treated to headlines that took me back to the Ollie North days: ACORN shredding documents in its NYC office and dumping a bunch of employees when it was learned they were players behind the scenes in Occupy Wall Street.

Looking closely at the main tactics employed by ACORN, one sees the abuse of Absentee ballots to come up again and again. Think about that the next time you get a mailer urging you to use an absentee ballot and skip the lines on voting day.

Don’t think Obama gives all his election stealing love to just ACORN. Unions get their share too:


And just this week: Democrats in Troy, NY indicted for Voter Fraud. Five indicted and three others plead guilty. Another two given immunity, likely for their testimony.

I tell you, that voter fraud is some myth, huh?


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