The Friday Focus (1/13/12)


How’s the unconditional negotiating workin’ out for ya?

We are on the verge of a possible war with Iran.

Let’s see a little bit of  how we got there.

 Obama offers Iran ‘new beginning’

‘America Is Hated Around The World’ Because Of Obama’s Foreign Policy, Ahmadinejad Tells Fareed Zakaria 

Obama on  Iran Plot: Ask Holder

Obama: Iran must pay for ‘reckless behaviour’

Iran Mocks Barack Obama Over Downed Drone

Barack Obama admits Iran has downed US drone

Obama Unveils Defense Cuts While Iran Threatens War

Obama Signs New Iran Sanctions Into Law 

President Obama: Thanks to Our Sanctions – Iran is Isolated

Iran threatens U.S. Navy as sanctions hit economy 

Iran sentences American man to death in CIA case 

Chavez And Ahmadinejad Meet In Venezuela, Tell “Imperial Yankee” Obama To “Forget About Dominating The World”

Allen West- Venezuelan Missiles Could Threaten South Florida

Gulf States on Arms Buying Binge to Counter Iran Threat

Iran Has Begun Uranium Enrichment at an Underground Bunker 

Panetta: ‘We Will Respond’ if Iran Closes Strait of Hormuz

General: US planning for military strike on Iran 

Krauthammer: Obama Iran statement “unbelievably embarrassing”

GOP senator says support for Obama Iran policy ‘has collapsed’

Escalation: Iran To Close Strait if Further Sanctioned

Iran ‘jamming Al-Jazeera broadcasts’

Miami: Obama finally orders expulsion of Venezuelan consul general linked to Iranian cyber-attack plot

Court Frees Pakistani Scientist Who Leaked Nuke Secrets to Iran

Yet Another Iranian Nuclear Scientist Killed – This Time In Car Bomb 

Senior Natanz executive slain in Tehran, US Navy, Air Force on Hormuz readiness

Russia warns West against attack on Iran


Not workin’ out so well, now is it… President Peace Prize?



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