WordPress.Com Caves to CAIR: Shuts down BNI Page (UPDATED)

The HAMAS & Holy Land Foundation Linked CAIR Play Thought Police on WordPress.

WordPress Caves.


BNI is back up temporarily on WordPress. They have denied CAIR was behind it, but I believe that as much as I believe in Oceanfront property in Kansas.  BNI has an eviction date of January 6th. After that they will be located at BareNakedIslam.com, so please make note of it.  #iStandWithBNI


What blog site is next one wonders? Just think what they can accomplish once SOPA is passed…

Preface: CAIR has been waging a war on free speech since their founding in the United States.  They have a battery of lawyers queued up to assault anyone who they deem as standing in the way of accomplishing their goal: Sharia and Islam for all.  CAIR is in the business of crying victim and islamophobia at every turn and demanding tolerance for islam while displaying none for any other religion. They’ve bullied everyone in their path, including the FBI and those engaged in US Military Intelligence training. They have even tried to silence talk radio hosts, like Michael Savage, for “insulting islam”. Be crystal clear on this point — if you offend them or disagree with them, it’s going to be on like Donkey Kong. Savage hasn’t caved and I doubt he will ever cave to CAIR. He’s been a thorn in their side much like Colonel Allen West, who not only knows his history but he is unafraid to take CAIR head on.

I find little in their ToS that defends their action of taking down Bare Naked Islam’s blog, but I am sure this is the one CAIR is using:

“the Content is not pornographic, does not contain threats or incite violence towards individuals or entities, and does not violate the privacy or publicity rights of any third party;”

I regularly hit Bare Naked Islam for stories to add to The Morning Links each day. This is not only uncalled for but outrageous. WordPress has been my home for over a year now. I will be shopping for a new one now. I’m wholly disappointed in WordPress for allowing CAIR to dictate to them what their customers are allowed to blog about. Rather spineless.

Via Zilla:

“Bare Naked Islam is a popular and edgy counter-jihad blog that recently found itself in CAIR’s cross-hairs because BNI supported the right of home improvement store Lowe’s to not be forced to advertise (and pay for said advertising) on a low-rated TV show that tries to whitewash islamic supremacism. CAIR does not like that BNI uses language which does not bow to the cultural marxism of ‘political correctness’ and tells the truth about the brutal and atrocious crimes against humanity that are committed every single day all over the world by islamic supremacists for islam. So CAIR has been pushing to get the blog Bare Naked Islam shut down, because CAIR hates free speech. I wrote about this a few weeks ago, HERE, and CAIR did manage to get BNI shut down by its host WordPress for about a day, but BNI was back up after removing some comments that visitors had made to the blog that were deemed “offensive”. That wasn’t good enough for the islamic supremacists who hate free speech though, CAIR (who the federal government has banned the FBI from interacting with due to CAIR’s ties to terrorism) has been howling that they want the FBI to investigate BNI and that they want the blog shut down completely.

Today WordPress removed the blog Bare Naked Islam. (h/t iOwnTheWorld and Blazing Cat Fur). It is a sad day in the Dextrosphere and for freedom loving people everywhere. Via Ironic Surrealism:

It is/was a highly successful anti-Islam blog with 15,332,181 hits and counting.
BNI tweets that Hamas/Muslim Brother Hood front group CAIR is the Islamic culprit behind the suspension. Color me not shocked.

BARE NAKED ISLAM has been taken down by WordPress thanks to CAIR terrorists. Looking for a new host now.

Donations can be sent via PayPal here

I spoke to the owner of BNI via email and she says she’ll get the blog back up as soon as she finds a host who is less likely to cave to free speech hating islamobullying; for now you can view a cached page showing the last few BNI posts HERE. The terror-linked, sharia pushing, islamic supremacists at CAIR are quite pleased with themselves about their success in shutting down a blog that told the truth about islamotyranny.”

Do the right thing. Link this blog post and support Bare Naked Islam and our freedom of speech.



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A.P. Dillon is a freelance journalist and is currently writing at The North State Journal. She resides in the Triangle area of North Carolina. Find her on Twitter: @APDillon_
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13 Responses to WordPress.Com Caves to CAIR: Shuts down BNI Page (UPDATED)

  1. Ronin says:

    This should surprise none of you; islam has always relied on censorship though threats or legal hurdles. The results and goals are the same and freedom suffers. Islam fears scrutiny above all, that system cannot stand under its own merits and they know it. There should be two goals here, save our brother and sister blogs and continue to do what we do. Each of us needs to remember that blogs are not the only venue available to us and the truth will find a way to leak out.

    I see this as a victory for us, BNI has hurt them and in desperation they have stuck out. BNI should be commended and once they have a new home we should all link to them.


  2. I don’t know if you’ve heard, but BNI is back up, temporarily, WP says she has to be gone forever by January 6th, they also say CAIR wasn’t behind the ban, but CAIR is bragging about it. No further explanation was given, but I have NO DOUBT that all the negative publicity this has gotten word press is the reason why BNI is back up, even if it’s just temporary.


    • This is pathetic. I’m going to hunt for a new home as well. I am sure blogs like mine will be the next targets.


      • True Patriot says:

        Any of us for Liberty and Justice for all will leave WordPress permanently. I guess like BNI says you get what you pay for.

        GoDaddy came out against SOPA strong. Not sure how expensive they are but they have a huge following. Its a hard choice in the tech world of hackers.


      • I am considering my options. GoDaddy was a big SOPA supporter until the flood of customers complained and the cancellations started coming in. It has to be a cheap or free option for me. I do this part-time as a labor of love and have no income to support high fees.


      • True Patriot says:

        I understand totally. I also do not get paid for background research on Ayatollah Moron & all the corrupt thugs in DC. It appears most of the Patriots are reporting the news without pay, while the Gutter Rats in TV media pump out lies & propaganda all day long.

        2012 is time for America to be restored to a Christian nation. One Nation under God.

        I really enjoy your blog as it is very professionally done and well researched. Thank you so much for all you do and God Bless You. Happy New Year


      • There are a lot of us out there blogging for all the reasons you and I do and I think its fantastic. The more the merrier. It’s a bit of a commentary on the state of affairs that average people are stepping up and speaking out.

        Thank you for your kind words about the blog. I appreciate that quite a bit! God Bless you as well and Happy New Year!


  3. Where's America? says:

    Indeed. I think BNI should take the site elsewhere. WP has basically gone to bed with cair. I want nothing to do with WP and will look at cancelling my own affiliations with them.


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  5. True Patriot says:

    This is a sad day that WordPress would stoop so low as to deny our rights of free speech under the U. S. Constitution. I can tell you WordPress has just committed the cardinal sin of betraying America and bowing to CAIR’s evil terrorist thugs. This is suicide for WordPress. Notice how this was done just before a Holiday weekend and on a Friday. The note these traitors left under support on their webpage says they will be out until Jan 2nd. Not only are they traitors they are cowards.

    They will never come back from this for all those Patriots who know they have done this and I will see to it this goes viral. Perhaps they would be more comfortable living in Iran. They do not deserve to be in America the land of the Free and Home of the Brave. God Bless America and all those Patriots who remain true to our Christian Nation.


    • On one hand I share the outrage because I truly do feel that WP caved to pressure. CAIR cited comments left on BNI’s posts as inciting violence and therefore violated the TOS. I can see that argument and I believe BNI cleaned up their comment boards but it wasn’t enough and CAIR attacked again. It would not shock me to find out that CAIR had sent people in there to post said material themselves in some cases. I do find their “gone until Jan 2nd’ message to be too convenient.

      On the other hand, WP is a private sector business that can run its ship as it sees fit and has laid out guidelines for doing just that posted for all WP bloggers. Having said that, we can also choose to take our business and traffic elsewhere… 🙂


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