The Lady’s Picks of 2011 Year End Lists

These are some of the year end “top 10” type lists that I found useful and interesting.  I have a bit of an addiction to countdown lists come year and and these made my bookmarks.


From Jammie Wearing Fools: Top Political Scandals of 2011

From The Hill: Top 10 Political Stories for 2011

From Maggie’s Notebook: Political Quotes: The 50 Best Political Quotes of 2011

From Right Wing News: The 50 Best Political Quotes For 2011 (Third Annual)

From Telegraph Blogs: The Obama administration’s top 10 foolish quotes of 2011

From Human Events: Top 10 Most Memorable Debate Moments

From The Atlantic: The Most Important Graphs of 2011 – Derek Thompson

From The Daily Caller: Stupid Government Spending | Federal Deficit | Top Ten

From The Enterprise Blog: The 5 worst economic ideas of 2011 (and 12 great ones for 2012)

From Big Government: Top Ten Democrats Who Would Be Better Presidential Candidates Than Barack Obama in 2012

From Human Events: Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Leading Liberals

From BBC News: Twitter’s top 2011 hashtags: #egypt and #tigerblood

From Ranker: 2011 Internet Memes: The 50 Funniest Memes of the Year

From Totally Cool Pix: Top 111 News Pictures Of 2011

From Yahoo:  2011 Year In Review , 2011 Year In Review – Extreme Weather, 2011 Year In Review – Caught? Scandals Edition,  2011 Year In Review – Obsessions

From Top celebrity headlines 2011

From World Wide Interweb: The 50 Greatest Sports Plays Of 2011

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