The Lady’s Stories – 2011

LL 1885’s Stories of 2011

President Zero. President Downgrade. Protests. Riots. The Left unhinged. 2011 had a lot of violence and rhetoric. As a proponent and ardent supporter of the First Amendment, I find that to be a good thing…until it goes off the rails, which of course it did in true Leftist style.

Here is a quick links summary of the stories I ran with this year — I hope you give them another glance! I’ve also included the original videos I made from 2011 at the bottom. Sad that they are just as relevant as the day I made them.

President Zero

The First Hamburglar

Union Protests

The London Riots

Tuscon Shootings

Norway/Anders Breiveik

Sarah Palin

The Religion of Peace & Tolerance

9/11 Ten Year Mark

Flash Mobs

NC Politics & Barry

Day of Mild Irritation Rage & Occupy

Campaign 2012

New Tone, Media Bias & The Left


The Lady’s Original Videos

My playlist of 2011 videos or visit my channel here.

SEIU/ Protests in Raleigh in February of2011. Looks and sounds a lot like Occupy. Hmm.


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