My Christmas Wish

I’ve got a wish for Christmas this year. It is not something a friend or relative can buy, but instead it is something they must do. They must shed their political party allegiances and instead pledge their allegiance to our country. Our government is broken. Our true statesmen who work to serve the people and the good of this nation are few and far between. Those who have stepped forward and stood for our Constitution, for our Exceptionalism and for our Freedoms have been brutalized in the most despicable manner by both opponents and supposed proponents alike.

Our political system is like an apple that is jam-packed with rot and worms in every inch of it. What’s worse, is that it is not contained to one apple but instead an entire orchard. This orchard over time has become infected with corruption, crony capitalism and a blatant disregard for our Founding documents, ethics and principles. What started out as a single orchard rank with infection has now turned into an entire industry permeated with this disease — the disease of career politicians angling to keep their positions of power, the establishment and good old boys deciding their votes can be bought for the right price. We the people have perhaps sat idle too long watching the crop that is our nation rot and fester. Instead of stamping out the corruption as it came along, we sat at home and listened to the news we were fed. We would shrug and murmur, “How horrible”, but rarely do much about it other than complain to one another. The age-old question of the chicken and the egg comes to mind when trying to detangle the web of money, corporations, lobbies, politicians and media. Who do you blame first? One thing I know for certain: You can vote out the politician.

Our politicians have an accomplice, however. We’ve allowed the media to shape our opinions like water shapes rocks. Over decades, the mainstream media has gone from reporting fact to reporting opinion — their opinion, of course. Sensationalism and bombast have replaced the reporting of facts and details. The politicians are bought and sold in a never-ending revolving door in Washington via backroom deals over drinks. Shining the light on them is not always easy, however the media are sponsored up front and in our faces by some of the same corporations doing those backroom deals. Money has pervaded every level of our society.

Am I attacking capitalism?


I’m attacking the fact true capitalism has not been allowed to function in this country for the better part of two decades – probably longer. The tipping point where this country arguably started to slide into the pit of failure, a.k.a socialism, started under Teddy Roosevelt. Although it was certainly FDR that blasted the biggest hole into that pit. Obama isn’t blasting in one spot, he’s got teams working in multiple holes…with stuff stronger than dynamite and all in the name of shared sacrifice….but I digress.

Now, remember that we have the anti-capitalist in the Oval Office. Any surprise that our unemployment is up? That our dependence on foreign oil has increased or that the numbers depending on government assistance in almost all forms has risen to Great Depression levels? Is anyone really shocked he has tried to ram regulations and legislation down our throats?  No. This President does not believe in this country. He does not believe it should be great and his Fundamental Transformation is not to bring glory and or to see it prosper, but instead to see it and its citizens placed on a level playing field of his design.

The strife and division that has been sown in this country by this President is unprecedented. In true Leftist fashion, we’ve been pitted against one another in a continual blame game of who is more racist, who is more bigoted or who is an extremist or even political terrorist. In true Alinsky style, we’ve seen those who defy these labels and reject the censorship of political correctness, be brought before the mainstream media altar and flayed with suggestive lies about their own strengths. Turning ourselves against us is the main weapon of choice and it has proven effective for them time and again. When that doesn’t work you call them stupid, ignorant, incompetent, a quitter and much, much worse.  When that doesn’t work, go after their family and kids.

Those who get informed, do their homework and pay attention are too few. We are entering the most pivotal and important election in our modern history. We have to open more eyes. We have to spread more truth. We have to open our mouths. We have to stand up and say, “NO MORE”. I’ve been stomping my feet and yelling this for two years now.  Won’t you join me before it’s too late?
So, my wish is simplistic. You have to act.

It’s going to take guts. It’s going to take getting called a few names. But for the love of God, get off your collective butts and wake up before it’s too late.. Stop buying the guff on the nightly news without question. Put your foot down. Vote out the hacks and crooks. The time of sitting on the couch and accepting what you see on television is over. If you continue that path, then you deserve the devastation that is sure to come.

The precipice is in front of us, people. What you accept today will become the norm of tomorrow. God forbid it, for the sake of our children and grandchildren and so on.

Stop accepting. Start acting.

Merry Christmas & God Bless,

Lady Liberty 1885

P.S.  This goes for you too, Mrs. Palin. Don’t think you can begin a marathon like this and not finish it.

About A.P. Dillon

A.P. Dillon is a freelance journalist and is currently writing at The North State Journal. She resides in the Triangle area of North Carolina. Find her on Twitter: @APDillon_
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  1. Merry Christmas, ladyliberty. Darkness before the dawn and all that in the New Year . . . it’s gonna be quite a ride.


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