Mad Libs – Part X

Part X

My on-going chronicle of links for the #occupy madness going on across the nation. This will likely be my last Mad Libs edition.

These Links are copied and pasted both to preserve the source they came from and also due to the large number of them. This set of links covers the week of December 11th through December 18th with some time frame overlap from my other posts of #OWS links:

My Video Playlists:

This Is What Democrazy Looks Like

DEATHS REPORTED (Total To Date = 8):

What Occupy Has COST: $22.3 Million

Articles about or related to #OWS


Spin and Media Bias

Children At Risk

ArrestsAs of 12-18-11 =5,663


Going Global

Hilarity Ensues

The Unions, DNC, Obama & Other Attempts to Co-opt OWS

Congressman begins 24-hour hunger strike as sign of solidarity with Occupy DC protesters | Mail Online

1% Hollywood, Celebs, Media and  Endorsements

#Occupy Capitalism


The Occupied Cities















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