3rd Place Lesson

3rd Place Lesson

Champion Mediocrity or Resign?

Mr. Liberty saw a story on the news about a Coach who had his team burn their 3rd place Football trophies and the ‘horrified’ parent reaction. I knew instantly that I had to blog this one so I found an article on it.

“However, the celebration took a different turn after parents presented the team with third place trophies and the coaches had the players go to a park and set the trophies on fire.

The trophy burning at a public park in New Canaan was made public a few days ago. It has outraged the community and forced the three coaches to resign.

“What an example,” said Robert Celetti. “I mean what kind of man is this, that blew my mind all together, completely.”

One of the coaches apologized to parents and players in a letter sent out last weekend, admitting they made a “mistake,” he wrote, “While our message was intended to be positive, it was a mistake to carry it out in this way and for that we would like to apologize.”

Many in town are worried about the message the trophy burning sends.

“That if you don’t get first place or second place it doesn’t count,” said Eileen Boehme.”

Here’s another serving of parents making sure their snowflakes all have a trophy on the level playing field of life. Isn’t this how we ended up with the occupiers? I applaud these coaches. I’m glad to see the drive to win and succeed hasn’t been totally anesthetized and into a pod next to Neo in The Matrix. I am disappointed they backtracked and apologized since that shows they didn’t believe in their own lesson.

To Robert Celenti – Yeah, that’s it. The coach just taught your kid a lesson you obviously don’t know: not to champion mediocrity and to set your sights higher next time. Nice job, Dad. So when your little Johnny gets out of school you’ve adequately prepared him for how fair life is in the real world is?

To Eileen Boehme – Lady, really? No 3rd IS NOT the same as 2nd or 1st. Are you making sure your kid grows up to think everyone should share everything and your kid is entitled to whatever the next guy has too? It never entered your mind the lesson to be learned had value even if the presentation was overly dramatic?

I can imagine circumstances where this might have been horrific or done in the wrong spirits, but this was a dramatic act of real leadership. No one in this community seems to have considered that. The parents are horrified by this and I am horrified by the parents. Since when is making a bold statement about wiping away the past and being determined to do better the next time out a bad statement to make? If recent events have taught us anything, it is that we have been hamstringing our kids with this ‘everyone is equal, everyone gets an award’ type mentality. Consciously or unconsciously, we’ve raised a generation of kids with an engrained sense of entitlement. There is nothing wrong with coming in Third place and if your idea of winning is just running in the race, that’s fine — but having no expectations of yourself means no one will have them of you either.

Score another one for the Nanny State.

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