TLC Wearing Rose-Colored Glasses In Dearborn

Take those Rose-Colored, Politically  Correct Glasses Off

This is just a quick post to remind the outraged public about Dearborn, Michigan. I’ve written before about this city in my post ‘Sharia: No Longer Creeping‘, but it is clear a refresher is needed.

TLC has done a bang up job portraying muslims there as average Americans just living their lives, happy as clams to have the Rights to free speech and freedom of religion. TLC leaves out a lot about Dearborn in its attempt to pull of Katie Couric’s vision of a muslim Cosby show, so I figured I’d fill in some blanks!

Oops…guess some of the stereotypes might be true? You’d think the producers would have vetted their stars a bit:

Suehaila Amen: TLC “All-American Muslim” Star is Hezbollah/HAMAS Supporter, CAIR Activist


Terrorism in Dearborn:

FBI Terrorist Watch List Dearborn, MI residents

Would-Be Terrorist Captured in Dearborn

Dearborn, MI – FBI Kills Islamic Group Leader In Raid 

Dearbornistan terror arrests:Flight docs and 600+ tracphones

Al-Mabarrat – A Hezbollah Charitable Front in Dearborn, MI?

Dearborn, Michigan is the New Baghdad

Michigan: the Islamic capital of the US

Dearborn Shoot-Out Opens a Window into Homegrown Terror

Nineteen Charged With Racketeering to Support Terrorist Organization


Being a Christian, Jew or just non-muslim in Dearborn:

Answering Muslims: Dearborn

Dearborn Underground: What Is the Dearborn Underground?

Fordson teacher involved in suit fired – Claims Harassment from Muslim Principal and Religious Discrimination – Press and Guide

Schlussel Files Federal Suit Against Muslim Principal, Dearborn Public Schools Over Discrimination Against Christians

The Male Nurse and the All-American Muslims from Dearborn | BlogWrath – Thoughts on politics and common sense



Free Speech, Tolerance and the Law in Dearborn:

Sharia compliance in Dearborn, Michigan

Geller: Islamic Law Comes to Dearborn

Dearborn, Michigan: Muslims physically attack Christian groups

Exclusive: Dearborn’s “Sharia Law” Christians On Trial 

Mosque protest barred by Michigan court 

Lawsuit: “Honor Killings” Covered Up by City of Dearborn: Demand a Special Investigation 






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