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Eric Holder takes a page out of the Bill Clinton Book of Semantics:

Yep. The Attorney General of the United States, when his feet are held squarely to the fire under Oath,  just sat there and debated what the definition of lying is.  In case you missed that:

Rep. James Sensenbrenner: “Tell me what’s the difference between lying and misleading Congress, in this context?”

Holder: “Well, if you want to have this legal conversation, it all has to do with your state of mind and whether or not you had the requisite intent to come up with something that would be considered perjury or a lie,” Holder said. “The information that was provided by the February 4th letter was gleaned by the people who drafted the letter after they interacted with people who they thought were in the best position to have the information.”

Rep. Issa isn’t letting AG Holder get away with it either:

I could hug Issa after watching that.

AWR Hawkins at Big Government gets to the meat of the issue with this question:

“I have a question: How did Holder address the “allegations” associated with gun walking in Fast and Furious in February if he didn’t know about Fast and Furious until mid-April? Remember, when he first gave testimony to Congress on May 3, he told Issa he had only known about Fast and Furious for a few weeks:

On May 3rd Issa asked: “When did you first know about the program…called ‘Fast and Furious?”

Holder responded: “I’m not sure of the exact date, but I probably heard about Fast and Furious for the first time over the last few weeks”

This exchange notwithstanding, Holder is now telling Congress about the actions he took in light of allegations about Fast and Furious in February and March. In fact, he specifically said he issued a directive in March against “such tactics” (i.e., gun walking) after the allegations of such tactics were made by ATF agents.”

Let us not forget this announcement from the Assistant Attorney General, David Ogden, on March 29, 2009:

Text of the Announcement (emphasis mine):

The President has directed us to take action to fight these cartels and Attorney General Holder and I are taking several new and aggressive steps as part of the Administration’s comprehensive plan. Those steps include the following:

DOJ’s Drug Enforcement Administration, which already has the largest U.S. drug enforcement presence in Mexico with 11 offices in that country, is placing 16 new DEA positions in Southwest border field operations specifically to target Mexican trafficking and associated violence.

“The DEA is also deploying four new mobile enforcement teams to specifically target Mexican methamphetamine trafficking, both along the border and in U.S. cities impacted by the cartels.

“DOJ’s Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is increasing its efforts by adding 37 new employees in three new offices, using $10 million in Recovery Act funds and redeploying 100 personnel to the Southwest border in the next 45 days to fortify its Project Gunrunner which is aimed at disrupting arms trafficking between the United States and Mexico.

“ATF is doubling its presence in Mexico itself, from five to nine personnel working with the Mexicans, specifically to facilitate gun-tracing activity which targets the illegal weapons and their sources in the United States.”

Lies. How they do pile up, no?

Over 200 dead Mexicans and one American Border Patrol guard killed by guns sold to drug cartels with the blessing of this Administration and paid for using Tax payer funds.

The Democrats are playing dumb or calling these hearings political theater. The media is shrugging it off as a ‘flap‘ – if they cover it at all. This is an scandal that has gone outside our borders. It’s bigger, nastier and more expensive than Watergate. What’s more, no one died in Watergate. No less than 53 Congressmen have called for Holder to resign and he just sits there acting smug and smiling as he plays word games with the lack of truth in his prior testimony. The man has no shame.

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