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This week’s focus is local one for me: Occupy Raleigh. I admit after the initial protests the first week or two I had pretty much joined the local news and blown off Occupy Raleigh. I definitely lost interest after @OccupyRaleigh decided to block me on Twitter.  I fully admit I made fun of them somewhat.  They didn’t seem to appreciate the collection of links I kept tweeting I guess. Amusing how liberals stomp their feet, cover their ears and yell ‘I am not listening’ whenever someone confronts them with facts and logic.  Anyhooooo… I decided to do this week’s Friday Focus on them based on a Twitter pic that caught my eye:

A Swastika with one arm of it fashioned out of a Hangman's apparatus. Lovely.

Well, I have no idea who this sad gentleman is– but he should really be very ashamed of himself.  Wearing a sign with a  Neo-Swastika partly made up of a hangman’s gallows really does just burst with tolerance and peace, doesn’t it? How very sensitive to embrace and use a symbol for a political rally prop under which millions of Jews were murdered by the Nazis.

Fight Corporate Fascism? I’m having a Different Strokes moment here.

They think corporations are engaging in nationalism and militarism?  Wait, I thought Occupiers didn’t think Corporations were people? Is the Swastika and the message supposed to infer that Corporations are Nazi’s and therefore Fascists? If so, I suggest they go read Jonah Goldberg’s “Liberal Fascism“, because they are way off base.  No matter how you look at it, the sign is repugnant and the wearer ignorant. What’s that little chant of the Occupiers? Oh yeah: SHAME. SHAME. SHAME.

Moving on…. A second picture caught my attention:

So, Money is not speech? What about the tent you wrote that little gem on? Did the tent fairy bring it? Oops! You know what else is not speech? Tenting out in a vacation lot you’re paying $400 a month in rent for in protest of Corporate Greed.  That’s called camping — and overpaying for your site to boot. The irony of that just makes me chuckle.

You say you’re exercising your First Amendment rights? Camping out with no termination date, realistic set of goals or grievances isn’t protected. Using your base camp to launch Mic Check attacks on public figures, speakers, businesses, public land without permits and people just trying to Christmas shop isn’t protected speech either. Expression of some kind, maybe — but most people call those kinds of expressions misdemeanors at worst and rude at best.  Any of you that had a serious point to make are now caught up in a protest version of Four Lions. You vaguely resemble those militia type survivalist nuts who fortify a position out in the middle of nowhere and build up ammo  and gun reserves. Only you’re doing it in reverse. By the way, nice job Occupying that sidewalk. Big wow factor for the arrests there!

Another point of interest for Occupy Raleigh – they love kids.  In fact, this Saturday the 3rd they are inviting moms and dads to bring the tots to “Come on down and check out our awesome, safe, fun new site. All are welcome!” I am sure the kids will all be lining up to play ‘Name that poo’ and ‘Musical Fawkes mask’.  Later I’m sure they’ll break out the cans of tuna and sit around the camp generator singing ‘Old MacDonald has a Subsidized Farm’. Family fun for all!

Now, my readers already know how I feel in general about these disease, filth, crime and violence ridden Obamavilles. I’m giving the Raleigh Obamaville a tiny bit of a pass on the infamous occupier poop issues here, since reports have it they have a port-a-potty now. That’s where the pass ends. Kids do not belong at these things. Period. The End. Do Not Pass Go. Do Not Collect Two Hundred Dollars.  (Yeah, I know — Monopoly reference. Rimshot!) To parents bringing their kids to this embarrassing lack of logic for reasons other than to point out what happens when you go rabidly Liberal, I pretty much see you as unfit and God help your little ‘level playing field’ snowflakes to turn out any other way than screwed up entitlement driven clones.

That last bit was harsh and it should be. Kids have no business near this thing. This nationwide bowel movement is playing jump rope with the last happy nerve of those of us footing their bills. I’m so sick of the whining, the finger pointing (anywhere but at the Dems/Obama) and the hypocritical greed envy of these mic-check chanting entitlement monkeys. Newsflash, geniuses — life isn’t fair and we’re not all created equal.

But I digress…

Now that the Raleigh Occupiers are renting a vacant lot, I expect the Mayor to make sure that everything is up to code — whatever that may be for a vacant lot in downtown Raleigh. The Mayor, I am sure, is aware of the fine line they are walking. Other cities have permitted these fools to stay and paid the price, often multiple times. If he’s going to allow them to camp out there and launch their little assaults on law biding, tax paying citizens…

Well, what’s that phrase again?

Oh yes.

Elections have consequences.

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A.P. Dillon is a freelance journalist and is currently writing at The North State Journal. She resides in the Triangle area of North Carolina. Find her on Twitter: @APDillon_
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