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These are the Morning Links for December 1, 2011    

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Zuccotti Utopia: Portraits of the New Revolutionaries


“The statement below was published by OWS Mutual Responsibility, in a flyer distributed at all information desks at the park.”

“The free market, and its tycoons, will continue to thrive and be a central factor in this new stage of global development on condition that we learn together how to establish the relations between us and organize a social structure that truly benefits all. Economic prosperity cannot be achieved without considering universal social wellbeing.”

“This sounds strangely like core fascist ideology of the twentieth century. This fellow might be surprised to know that Mussolini was hailed by Lenin as the most perfect socialist in the world.”

My Favorite little passage:

“I love it when liberals are mugged by reality. Hopefully he keeps having epiphanies like this and develops into a mature conservative who can really do some good in the world by creating wealth and employment for himself and others. Good luck, and I hope you find your way out of your liberal box, sir!”

Lord of The Flies, Occupy Style:

“They cut off Jeremy’s food and exiled him! How inhumane. Too bad our government doesn’t have the power to exile Stalinists, like the Zuccotti park communards exile the mentally ill.”

“Yes, at the “leaderless” Zuccotti Park utopia, people can be banished for life, just as in many primitive societies. Even the mentally ill. Where’s the compassion?”

Please read the whole thing.


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Peace and Tolerance:

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