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These are the Morning Links for November 29, 2011    

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Hooded Progressivism: The secret reformist history of the Ku Klux Klan


“Above all, it was a fundamentally modern movement. It was inspired by a movie, advanced through advertising, and organized with techniques that might have been employed by a corporate sales force. In the early ’20s it had between 1.5 and 5 million members, many of them at the center of political power. The Klan controlled the governments of Indiana, Oregon, and Colorado, elected other politicians across the country, and played a major role in the Democratic convention of 1924; its members included future president Harry Truman and future Supreme Court justice Hugo Black. Early scholars assumed that the secret society was overwhelmingly rural, fundamentalist, and driven—in one sociologist’s words—by the “petty impotence of the small-town mind.” Two waves of revisionist scholarship have destroyed those assumptions.”

“The Klan of the ’20s, she wrote, “was at once mainstream and extreme, hostile to big business and antagonistic to labor unions, anti-elitist and hateful of blacks and immigrants, pro-law and order and prone to extralegal violence. If scholars have viewed these attributes as incompatible, Klansmen themselves did not.”

Also, read this related piece “Making the Klan Boring“. Interesting no? Liberals, progressives and Dems just love their revisionist history.


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Laugh or Cry, this is the Video Of The Day:

At first, I thought this was a trailer for a remake of St. Elmo’s Fire or something. Turns out this is a promo for Morning Joe on MSNBC… and they wonder why their ratings suck.

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  1. Good morning, Lady! Great links, thanks! So Bev “let’s suspend elections” Purdue is in trouble? Sweet!


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