Giving Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving To All My Readers!

Dear Readers,

It’s been a few months over a year now since I started this blog. I am thankful that I reside in a country where I am able to speak my mind and write what I wish. Our Freedom Expression, protected by our First Amendment, is not just a Right as a citizen of this nation but also a responsibility. Old rules of thumb, such as ‘be careful what you wish for’ and ‘don’t say anything you can’t take back’ are part of what I call “Freedom’s Conscience”.  This is not political correctness, mind you. Those who have read this blog from the start know how I feel about political correctness and also where those who practice it can stick it.

Freedom’s Conscience is an idea that is inherent in most of us but is a learned trait for some. It’s the basic knowing right from wrong that we all feel in our gut. It’s earning your way in this world (and this nation) with your own mind and hands. It’s having the strength to speak out for what is true, even in a crowd of strangers who might not agree. It’s defending oneself when necessary or even defending another who lacks the courage. It’s leading by example not following the crowd. Freedom’s Conscience is an all encompassing concept that I am trying to imbue my children with. It’s more than just these examples but several basic facets of character fused together. Some of them being Personal Responsibility, Self-Reliance, Honesty, Fairness and Faith in God.

This Thanksgiving has a tense edge to it. Our nation is suffering at the hands of a socialist President who would much prefer to be a dictator. Our citizens are struggling and his answer is to “eat our peas” and “make sacrifices” while he rewards his faithful cronies with windfall sums and guaranteed contracts.  His followers have taken up violent encampments in our cities, all done with his blessing. His policies abroad have meant peril for long-standing allies and his meddling has brought forth the rise of what is certainly the start of a modern Caliphate. In my entire life, I don’t believe I have ever felt such dread of an election as I do for 2012.  Should we fail to retake the White House from this socialist maniac, I dare say we’ll see those who possess Freedom’s Conscience take a stand.

I give thanks this year for my health and that of my family and for that of you and yours reading this. I give thanks for the supportive readers I have following this blog and have rallied to the voice I use here. I am grateful to know you and that the life of freedom and liberty are not just words on a piece of paper in our National archive, but are living, breathing patriots living and working all around me. At your dinner tables on this holiday, take stock of your lives and count blessings – I hope they are many.
God Bless,

Lady Liberty 1885

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A.P. Dillon is a freelance journalist and is currently writing at The North State Journal. She resides in the Triangle area of North Carolina. Find her on Twitter: @APDillon_
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  2. Beautifully put, Lady! Linked & quoted here:
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    I hope you had a blessed day yesterday & that the rest of this weekend is nice for you too.


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