Insta-Narrative: AZ Shooter vs DC Shooter – Update: Shooter Charged with Assassination Attempt

11/18/11 – Updated: Shooter is charged with Assassination attempt. Yup, just like the Tea Party!

Insta-Narrative: AZ Shooter vs DC Shooter

I saw this article over at Politico yesterday while browsing the news. Here is the portion that prompted this entry:

“The mirror-image campaigns to tar the tea party and the Occupy movement are based, in no small part, on guilt by association. But nobody anywhere near the tea party ever took a shot at the White House.”

Back-handed compliments like this, you can keep Mr. Smith.  Mirror-image campaigns? Really? Have you seen the rainbow and unicorn coverage the MSM has given this (bowel) movement until recently? “Guilt by association”?  Seriously? I think you mean guilt by unsubstantiated smear job. By the way, to the best of my knowledge and extensive Google searching, no Tea Party member fired shots at anyone or anything, ever. In fact, I found no arrests either.

We all remember how the MSM and Left Media outlets rushed to blame Sarah Palin and the Tea Party just hours after the shootings done by Jared Lee Loughner in Arizona earlier this year. Paul Krugman’s sickening article, Climate of Hate, lead the charge alongside Markos Moulitsas of the Daily KoS. Later on, we were treated to a Memorial service that was more like an Obama Campaign Pep rally — it even had a logo and t-shirts.



The President’s remarks carried the message we need to watch our tone, yet that is the last thing he or any of  his administration seem to have done ever since. It bears mentioning that just recently ABC and Diane Sawyer tried to revive this incredible piece of media malpractice with a special on Gifford’s recovery. Just this week, Joe Biden added to the empty rhetoric of Obama’s ‘new tone’ with his remarks to Union members, “You fired the first shot.” This is, of course, only one of the more recent of Biden’s many rapist and terrorist claims as of late.

The truth always comes out, despite the best efforts of the Left. Loughner was and still is a total a nutball. He was also found to be completely unassociated with any political party and had been stalking Giffords for quite a while.  Well, now the Left and MSM are rushing to spin the story recent DC shooter, Oscar Ramirez Ortega Hernandez is just a mentally ill man who is definitely not affiliated with the Occupy movement — he’s just been hiding out there. Funny how that  MSM works, isn’t it? Coincidence that support for the ‘movement’ has plummeted? Heck, it’s flip-flopped with the Tea Party in the polls. Is it also coincidence that Obama himself takes another vacation in Hawaii and Occupy camps are ordered emptied while he is away? Probably not!

So, keep it up, MSM, Dems and Left bloggers – keep trying to push the Palin-Gifford smear back into the headlines. No matter how you try to malign the Tea Party or other Conservatives with labels like violent and terrorist, you have to face the fact at some point that the Occupy movement is everything you falsely claimed the Tea Party to be… and then some.

Face it, the Left owns this mob and all its defecating, urinating, granny pushing, child molesting, raping, destruction of property, disease infested, violence ridden, deathly glory. Remember that in 2012 when you hit the ballot box.

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