Man Up, Nancy.

Attention Mayors of Occupied Cities:

Man Up, Nancy!

UPDATE 11/22/11: Add Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, who is in “negotiations” with Occupy LA to lease them 10,000 square feet of office space for an annual fee of one dollar. Negotiating with terrorists is the Democrat way!

Original Article:

We’ve now witnessed not one, but three Mayors of major cities cave to the Occupiers. Are the patients running the asylum or what here?

Jean Quan and her epic failure in Oakland, where one person is now dead as a result of allowing the Obamaville there to remain. The most vile stories by far have come out of Oakland and the most memorable first clearing of the park there led to hours of pretty terrifying footage.  I give it a few days before the encampment is back in full swing with Quan at the helm.

Sam Adams in Portland, who after pussy-footing around all night, finally cleared the Obamaville in Portland of Occu-Mess.  It took 70 dump trucks to do it, mind you. Then he allows them to return even after grenades were found during the clearing. Don’t even get me started on the occupier they arrested for the Molotov cocktail.

Now we have Michael Bloomberg pulling a 1 a.m. raid to ‘minimize resistance’ so that crews can come in and clean the park, but makes it fully known in his press conference that he intends to allow them to return sans camping gear.  He makes a special effort to emphasize this is ‘temporary’. That little plan of his has an obvious plot hole which has now been filled by Judge Billings. Leftists of a feather often flock together, eh? It’s clear the only reason he did this at all was he didn’t want to wait until someone got killed at his Obamaville. Apparently the rights of the citizens living in that area are trumped by this disease and violence ridden band of idiots who think that squatting is exercising their First Amendment rights. Well, thankfully one Judge has their head on straight; Zuccotti park represents private property and First Amendment rights are not applicable.

So the question remains to these gutless wonders of Mayors: What about the rights of the majority of your citizens?  Are their rights to use these parks unfettered meaningless? Is the safety of your community, the businesses nearby and the citizens just collateral damage while an unmitigated mob camps out, does drugs, rapes other squatters, screams anti-semitic slurs, die of overdoses, shoot themselves, shoot other people all while chanting in a cult-like format? Apparently the answer is yes.

Let me tell these Mayors one more thing, because I don’t want to leave anything out at this point – I’m that ticked off.  Those of us at home, watching this on tv or seeing it on the web, well, we’re voters too. We may not live in one of these cities, but we’re very much aware of the double standard playing out here. Not just the double standard in coverage by the Main stream media, but the double standard in the application of the law.  Tea parties got their permits, paid their fees and held their protests. They kept within the guidelines of the permit and peaceably assembled, yet they were called violent, racists, terrorists and worse. Oh and another thing, we’re also keenly aware of the Democrats like you that had one time endorsed this ‘movement’ and are recently fairly silent. That includes President Obama. It is clear he sides with them and still does — his silence on the violence and increasing vitriol coming out of these camps says it all. His silence is only eclipsed by the mamby-pamby action and inaction by Quan, Adams and Bloomberg.

Almost two months have gone by and I’ve managed to compile hundreds of links and over 12 hours of video  on the horrors going on in these Obamavilles all over the country. I’m just one person, imagine what others have amassed. This national Leftist temper tantrum will be floating around the internet for decades. Bet on it.  The main cities I’ve compiled information on are Oakland, Portland and New York. Each one of them has a Mayor who has bent over backwards to appease, what has been and what remains, nothing more than an incoherent mob.  I should be astounded by all of this but I am not. I’m not stunned because it is what I expected to happen from the Politically Correct Left. Better to be play the friend to the lawless mob trashing part of your city so as not to offend them, right? Don’t want to step on any toes and possibly get sued over doing your job, after all.

I’m not a Mayor. I’m not a Lawyer. I’m not a Judge. I am a citizen, like any other in this country. Laws either apply equally to us all or not at all. Those squatting in that park have had more than enough time to formulate their grievances and deliver them to representatives of government — they have not done so, nor do I believe that is their intent. Their right to assemble and express themselves has encroached on the rights of the rest of the citizens to go about even the most basic daily tasks, including earning a living. To add to that, those of us at home are flat-out just sick of this crap – both literally and figuratively.

It’s time the went home. It’s time Mayors of Occupied cities man up and do their jobs.

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