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There are many questions floating around out there about Herman Cain and the women accusing him of sexual misconduct going back to over a decade ago. The one by one appearance of these women reminds me of a procession of clowns exiting a clown car. We’re up to four now? Will someone shut the damned door already? The media has covered this like white on rice.  Before we go any further, let’s remind the Left and the Media of this:

Also, let’s not forget how it turned out — you know, the truth came out:

Like some people, I’m having a hard time swallowing some of this. I’m skeptical of every accusation since the arrival of Gloria Allred, professional Victim advocate, and her giggly blonde pal of the week. I have a few questions and musings of my own:

1. Why did these women stay quiet until now? He ran for Senate in 2004 — this NEVER came up. The timing of this is just too perfect. The man is beating Obama silly in the polls and Pow!  — A National Enquirer worthy Sex Scandal piece is put out. If the mission was knock Cain out of the front-runner position, it worked.

2. If these things did happen, don’t you think Cain would have a better defense to play out than the one he is presenting now? He’s a self-proclaimed planner and problem solver right?

4. The original accuser (Krausharr -? It’s hard to keep their order straight) did so right after it became fashionable ala Clarence Thomas/Anita Hill to cry sexual harassment. Perhaps hers was legit, however it has now come out she had filed a claim against a second boss. Did you know she filed a complaint over a joke about women being like computers? The fact she that works in the Obama administration now is a bit funny to me. Not funny ‘haha’ either. What is her motivation for speaking up now? Why not when he ran for Senate?

5. Bialek – financial woes, history of crying Sexual Harassment according to co-workers, a ‘trouble maker’, again, according to co-workers and female ones at that.  She’s been called a ‘gold digger’ as well. Then there is Bill Kurtis, of CBS news, who said Bialek ‘has a track record‘. That  idea is solidified by the involvement of Gloria Allred. Isn’t it funny how she lived in the same building as David Axelrod in Chicago? Weird huh? Not so weird really if you’ve read this piece called “David Axelrod’s Sexual Misbehavior” by Ann Coulter. Bialek’s ‘job interview’ with Cain was weird to me as well. Why did Bialek need a hotel room for her Cain visit? Wasn’t she only hours from DC where she was allegedly visiting her boyfriend and his family?  Then we have this reported meeting at TeaCon where Bialek approached Cain. What’s this about a hug? What was with the whispering in his ear? If someone sexually harassed you the way she described, would you get anywhere near them again?  It just doesn’t add up. Something stinks.

6. Politico broke the story, if you can call it that. What they did is more like bait a hook and see what fish rose to the surface. Why haven’t they released their sources and fleshed out the story? I think we all deserve to know where they got their information from.

7. Who are the other two women? We’ve got Kraushaar and Bialek. Bring the other two out of the shadows, let us get it all on the table here and now.

This is going to sound crass, but these white women are the perfect instrument for taking down a black man running for office. This has the makings of a political atom bomb if done properly to maximize fear in the public.  The Left is very certain of this and in fact call it  “instinctual fear“. The Left yells ‘racist!’ when the wind blows, but have no problem manipulating it to suit their purposes – in this case destroying Cain as the front-runner and possibly even as a candidate. The media has spun this story into the stratosphere, perhaps Cain should tell them to ‘Move On‘. The media chose our President in 2008 and it would appear they are doing their best to do it again in 2012.  The truth will come out eventually just as it did for Clinton. Timing is everything, the media knows this.

Some Useful Links for future reference & making up your own mind:

  • The Allred/Bialek Conference Video is here.
  • The Cain Press Conference Video is here.

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