“Voices” From #OccupyBaltimore

So I found this video (also below)  in my surfing this morning. It’s from Occupy Baltimore. The title alone made me laugh a bit — in a  ‘what are the little voices  in your head telling you to do’ kind of way.  Apparently, the guy in this video, Christopher Lyman, is responsible for their hashtag and website, or so he claims in the video.

Lyman was, and I quote from the video, “blown away with the amount of organization..uh..the positivity ..uh and the uhh commitment — the complete and utter commitment to non-violence.”


Organization like this?:

SHOCKING: Occupy Baltimore has own court system set up for rape allegations « Sister Toldjah

Positivity like this?:

OWS Pamphlet Discourages Rape Victims from Contacting Police « Commentary Magazine

Commitment to Non-Violence like this?:


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  3. It has got to be against the law to set up one’s own system of law – one would think.


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