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As of 1:30 AM EST on November 3rd, 2011 there were 3,053 Arrests at Occupy Riots protests around the country. By 2:45 PM EST on November 4th, only a little over 13 hours later, there were 13 added in Tulsa, 16 added in Rochester, 60 more in Oakland and “between 10-15” in NYC. I’m not giving them the benefit of any doubt, so for the NYC we’ll say it was 15, which brings us to 3,157 arrests. Feel free to check out @occupyarrests on Twitter anytime for a more current total.

When do we get to call the Occupiers what they really have become? They’re criminals. They’re vandals. They’re violent. They may have started as a ‘peaceful protest’, but now they are breaking the law in every single Obamaville they have set up — some on a very violent scale.  Oakland in particular is almost in full-out riot mode and has been for a while now. Perhaps the citizens there need to remove the Mayor, who by all accounts, is encouraging Occupy there. In fact, two days after the first of the really violent clashes there, the Mayor allowed the Occupiers to return like nothing happened. I was fairly stunned by this tacit approval of violent protest by an elected official.

From Big Government, emphasis mine:

Here’s a list of the ten worst crimes allegedly committed at Occupy demonstrations across the country:

NEW YORK, NY: A 26-year old was arrested today for an alleged sexual assault upon an 18-year old female that took place on October 24 in Zuccotti Park, where the Occupy Wall Street protest is based. NYPD Police sources said that detectives are investigating a separate incident involving a possible rape.

BOSTON, MA: On October 21, a 34-year old man and a 31-year old woman were arrested for allegedly trying to sell heroin in the Tent City area of Occupy Boston. The two suspects were reportedly living there with a child. Upon arrest, Brown told officers he had moved into Tent City three weeks prior, and had joined the Occupy Boston movement.

MANCHESTER, NH: A 23-year old woman was charged with felony prostitution for trying to solicit a 16-year old girl she met in Victory Park during the Occupy Manchester demonstrations. She also allegedly tried, through the Internet, to arrange a liaison for the minor with a man who was actually an undercover police officer.

MADISON, WI: An incident involving public masturbation allegedly occurred at the Occupy Madison protest result. The allegation was raised by a public official during a City Council meeting after complaints came from nearby employees, and although a complaint was not filed with police, the city has denied an application by the movement to renew its permit as a result.

NEW YORK, NY: On October 28, a 31-year old man allegedly threatened a Fox News Channel 5 reporter. The suspect was arrested at the corner of Trinity Place and Cedar Street, and has been charged with Grand Larceny, Menacing, Harassment and Criminal Possession of a Weapon.

DALLAS, TX: A convicted sex offender participating in the Occupy Dallas demonstrations was arrested last week after allegedly sexually assaulting a 14-year old girl who was staying in the protestors’ encampment. The girl, who was a runaway from Garland, told investigators she had sex with the suspect after she had told him that she was 19 years old.

CLEVELAND, OH: Police are investigating an alleged rape that occurred against a 19-year old female student with a disability. The alleged rape occurred after the young woman was reportedly told to share a tent with an unknown person due to a shortage of tents.

NEW YORK, NY: On October 24, three suspects approached a 24-year old female victim and allegedly threatened to kill her for filing a complaint with the NYPD that resulted in their friend’s arrest. New York police officers are searching for three individuals who match this description:

  • 1) A black male 16-18 years old, 5′5″, with a thin build. He was last seen wearing a brown hat with a white shirt that had the words “Stone Harbor” printed on the front.
  • 2) A black male 18-20 years old, 5′9″, with a thin build and dreadlocks with red streaks. He was last seen wearing a black leather coat and red pants.
  • 3) A black male 18-20 years old, 5′8″, with a medium build with black hair and black beard. He was last seen wearing a black hooded sweatshirt.

NEW YORK, NY: On November 1, an unidentified 24-year-old man was arrested for Assault on a Police Officer. Earlier, on October 12, a 38-year old man was charged with Assault on a Police Officer, Resisting Arrest and Obstructing Governmental Administration.

NEW YORK, NY: On October 11, a 27-year old man was charged with “Sex Abuse 3” for allegedly committing an offense against a victim sleeping in a sleeping bag in New York City’s Zucotti Park.

That didn’t even list the Deaf Man that was raped. I think that should have made the list.

This police blotter list got me thinking about all those Tea Party arrests. I was sure those terrorist, violent, racist Tea Baggers must have as long of a list of arrests out there.

I did a Google search of Tea Party arrests and found a grand total of 9. I found one other link that had 10 at TPM but it was for the same event. I find no mention in the TPM article of how these people were associated with the Tea Party though. The TPM story does mention there were links to Randall Terry and Father Normal Weslin. I was curious because I recalled seeing this one in the news, so I dug a bit more.  I found another article about the same event. This article had way better pictures than TPM did and even had video. The article, from Jill Stanek, lists 11 were arrested. There is no mention of it being a Tea Party protest at all. Perhaps that is because it wasn’t one.

I scrolled through 39 pages of Google results before my wrist almost fell off and I gave up. I couldn’t find a single article with Tea Party members being arrested. Not one. Yet the Tea Party are these horribly violent terrorists? Meanwhile the arrests, vandalism, rape, crime, drugs and God knows what else goes on at Occupy camps around the country and it’s hailed as an inspiration and praised by the President. I can’t think of a more irresponsible act by a President in my lifetime than Obama’s adoption of what is essentially a rather anarchistic Socialist uprising. He’s even gone as far as to use Occupy Language in his weekly address:

Can’t wait to create jobs yet backing a movement that is killing jobs. They don’t call him President Zero for nothin’!


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