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These are the Morning Links for November 3, 2011    

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It’s a must listen and an article this time. The first podcast of Misfit Politics.

The Misfits Podcast 001: Pre-Occupied!


The Only Thing Missing From “The New Declaration of Independence”: Any Sense That Adults Are Responsible for Their Choices


Which is why phrases like “wage slaves,” “inescapable debt,” and “force” “force” “force” leave me feeling like a brother from another planet. Adult human beings have agency, the ability (even responsibility!) to run their own cost/benefit analyses and choose accordingly. You could go to a state school (or community college) instead of an over-inflated prestige mill. You could pay for a 10-year-old car in cash, instead of a new one on installments. You could try to make it in Minneapolis before living the dream in Williamsburg. You could stare into the face of a no-money-down, adjustable rate 30-year mortgage at the tail end of a housing-price run-up and conclude “Maybe that one’s not for me.” You could even choose to turn down a bad if high-paying job when you’re living below the poverty line. If we indeed live in a “candid world,” let us state bluntly that offloading 100% of the blame for your own mountain of debt on a group of Greedy McBanksters who “forced” you to “play by the rules” is more than a little pathetic.


Campaign 2012:

  • Debate Schedule
    Saturday, 8 pm EST – Cain v Gingrich doing a Lincoln/Douglas Style debate. C-SPAN will cover it.
  • Cain: AP Exclusive: Third worker says harassed by Cain. Again I ask, where were these people a year ago when he announced?  The Accuser wants to talk. I say let her, either this is crap like we all suspect or Cain has a big problem.
  • Protesters Slam Romney $2,500/Plate Fundraiser. No word on how they feel about Obama’s $38,500 a head series of fundraisers though.
  • Paul: Will likely pull a Ross Perot if Romney is nominee. If he does we can all blame him for Barry getting re-elected. This is to all you Paul fans out there, if you love your country, discourage this. Have some common sense for the Love of God.

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This is how CNN covers a Tea Party event:

This is how CNN covers Occupy Wall Street:

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