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Class Warfare Can’t Fix Income Inequality


Defending his 1981 tax cuts, President Reagan told a packed ballroom at the 1982 Conservative Political Action Conference:

“Since when do we in America believe that our society is made up of two diametrically opposed classes — one rich, one poor — both in a permanent state of conflict and neither able to get ahead except at the expense of the other? … Since when do we in America endorse the politics of envy and division?”

Reagan would go on to beat the class warriors of the ’80s, pushing through landmark tax reform that lowered rates, simplified the tax code and cut the number of tax brackets from 16 down to just two.

Give the whole piece a read and hit ALL of the hyperlinks as well.  The article doesn’t mention it, but to be ‘poor in America’ is entirely different than being poor in any other nation in the world. To be blunt, if you’re going to be poverty stricken, the US it the place to do it.


  • Baltimore: Woman says she was raped at OWS Baltimore, begs it be shut down.
  • Ottawa: Also a the place to be for rape at an OWS camp.
  • LA: Warning, video contains nudity – The loons are naked in LA. Solidarity and shrinkage!
  • Boston: OWS in Boston is the place to be if you’re into heroin.
  • Kansas City: Homeless man dies in OWS tent. Just like the Tea Party.
  • OWS: Halloween.
  • MoveOn.Org: Organizing a run on banks. Yes, Obama’s own machine is organizing a financial attack.
  • NYC’s Occupy Wall St: The Sharia Police, the Imam’s IslamoCON, and the Prayer… More here and here.

Campaign 2012:

  • Debate Schedule
  • Cain: I was Falsely Accused. The WSJ has now run the story and the 2 women are still anonymous and there is still no documentation anything happened. More here. Rush has this to say and as usual he nails it. Instapundit has some good links too. Hit the first one especially from Jim Treacher at the DC Caller. Instapundit also has some relevant links here.


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