Calm Like A Bomb

So many meme’s in one tweet. Impressive.

So which am I? A troll or a puppet? Maybe I’m troll puppet! Yeah that’s it. I’m not the one out sitting in a public park out in the elements to protest… something.. anything. I’m not the one only come out of my tent to chant in a group, eat in a group and throw insults at those around me along with the other useful idiots. Sounds more likely you’re the puppet — you’re a drone, following instructions from the rest of the colony via megaphones and hand signals. As for the troll bit, you have that down pat in your tweets. Say.. it must be awful tweeting from your phone, ipad or whatever capitalist pig device it is you’re using.

“We are calm like a bomb.” Really? Bombs explode, genius. If you’re practicing for rapper school, consider getting a day job. Pretty sure lyrics like that are what took out Vanilla Ice.

“You’re a racist.” You do realize that means pretty much zero these days right? It’s so overused and misused these days that you could point at an airplane flying overhead and yell “YOU’RE A RACIST!” at it. Why do liberals always default to that line? Is it pre-programmed? This is now obligatory:

The “I have Arab blood in me” line is supposed to mean what exactly?  Was that some kind of subtle threat you’ll declare Jihad on me or were you insinuating that because you have Arab blood in you that I must be racist? I’m not sure how that would work out since I don’t know you from Adam.Glad you told me about that Arab blood though, I wouldn’t want to be a blood racist or anything!

I went back through my tweets to #occupyraleigh and couldn’t really find one that has anything to do with this person. The one of the last ones I tweeted to that hashtag was this one. That kinda figures, these people hunkered down in the Obamavilles continue to prove themselves to be irrational loons.

We all better watch our tweets though — Big Sis is watching.

UPDATE: I will pray this guy’s kids get more brains than him as RoyalWithCheese just retweeted this and this.

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