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Consider these videos from Project Veritas:

Full Unedited Video for Part I HERE.

Full Unedited Audio for Part II HERE.

Now consider Barack Obama. The most unvetted President in history – going by these videos, this was by design via the ‘elite’ media. This goes well beyond the Journolist scandal. The utter and total lack of ethics displayed in the second video was astounding but in no way shocked me. What made me uncomfortable, to put it mildly, was the overwhelming collusion within the media that drove the Obama candidacy.   Ace of Spades delivers an excellent synopsis. Ace hits upon the driving theme in the Liberal dominated media, specifically with the example at hand of the NY Times, without really naming that theme. It’s what is referred to in the medical profession as the ‘God Complex’. While Occupiers are raging about money in politics being the root of the evil, I’d go ahead and say that the roots we have right now aren’t the problem but instead the planters of the trees — the media.

Recommended follow-up viewing: Media Malpractice

The film can be found in its entirety on Netflix, Amazon and Blockbuster.

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