The Masks

Ok, so on a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being really creeped out)  how creeped out are you by the prevalence of Guy Fawkes masks at these Occupy squat-ins? I’m pretty close to a 10 at the moment. Anonymous used it too, which I found kind weird as well. I had to blog about this for a minute since this bugged me in the same way it bugs me when a teenager raves about that new song on the radio which is a pathetic remake of a song that didn’t need remaking in the first place. Same thing goes for movies. Hollywood, please stop it, ok? We didn’t need a new Footloose. Seriously.

Moe, Larry & Curly

Anyway…Now, I know my history and that is why I find the use of that mask at these events to be creepy. Many might not know that history which has more to it than I am posting here. The long and short of it is that in 1605, Guy Fawkes tried to blow up Parliament and the King. This attempt, which was stopped obviously, was recorded as a retaliation for increasing repression of Roman Catholics in England. Think about that and translate it to the United States of today. That would be the Capitol Building and The President. If that doesn’t creep you the Hell out, you might be an occupier.

The gold chain, Cell phone earbud cord, sunglasses and corporate logo sweatshirt make the outfit.

When I first started seeing them I defaulted to attributing them to the movie ‘V for Vendetta’, which made them pop-culture just like ‘Scream’ made the Ghostface mask popular.  I figured this since the original Fawkes’ plot had little to do with corporate greed, political corruption or money in politics… or whatever it is the occupiers are whining about now.  So, I guess my annoyance of the occupiers wearing them comes from their ignorance in attempting to make some kind of statement or garner sympathy by wearing a representation of a person that has little to do with their cause. Typical liberals; Reagan said it best. The creepy vibe I am getting comes from a similar place – regardless if they are drawing from the original Fawkes or from the ‘V for Vendetta’ movie, this is a symbol of violent intent.

Side Note: I finished this article on Sunday, but held onto it until this morning. In my morning reading I came across this piece by Andrew Klavan, which delves a bit deeper than I do into this subject of the Fawkes masks.


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