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Judge issues order to halt political attack ads by Roger Alford

A Kentucky judge has issued a restraining order to prohibit an independent political group from airing attack ads bashing Democratic Gov. Steve Beshear.

Franklin County Circuit Judge Thomas Wingate granted the restraining order on Monday at the request of the Kentucky Democratic Party, citing “an illegal attempt” by Restoring America to influence the outcome of the general election.

The group has been running TV and radio ads attacking Beshear and supporting his Republican challenger, state Senate President David Williams.

Wingate said in his order that Restoring America has hidden the identities of donors who have given $1.3 million to pay for the ads.

Restoring America reported to the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance last week that it had gotten its money from an affiliated group called Restoring America Inc.

It looks like the Judge has decided to #Occupy the Bench. More: “Under Kentucky law, political groups are required to disclose contributors.”  Hmm, can’t wait to see this applied both ways.


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  • NC: Three North Carolina Muslims convicted in plot to attack Virginia USMC base
  • Warning- Graphic Images: Muslim Persecution of Christians – September 2011.
  • Syria: Mass protests erupt in Syria amid funeral processions, activists say.
  • Palestine: Celebrating the return of ‘freedom fighters’ or as we call them, terrorists. 1,000 will be returned for just one Israeli soldier.
  • CAIR: Raised over 400k and Democrat Congressman Jim Moran was their keynote speaker.

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