Kid: You’re 26.

I saw this Occupier’s reply to the Letters in the photos here: Email: Kid, you’re thirteen.. and thought almost instantly of this video:

Maybe these guys were separated at birth or just maybe they’re both ticked off they were schooled by someone half their age or more. Not just schooled, but completely outclassed and out matched in both logic and civility.

To the 26-year-old about to graduate college, you’d think that you’d have developed a bit more of a vocabulary, some self-restraint and perhaps even the ability to think rationally while at college. Alas, no. Resorting to a profanity laced tirade against a 13-year-old who produced a rather well written and, quite frankly, a correct assessment of the majority of OWS squatters is your solution. You wonder why none of us are taking you seriously? You just made a case study of it with that reply. Bravo!

This little tidbit made my fingers itch:

“Then they were laid off in November of 2008 because banks, in a desire for quick and dirty profit, played fast and loose with the financial system and scammed a hell of a lot of people and businesses out of everything they had. (How they did that is extremely complex – I’m taking an entire graduate-level course on how and why we got into the mess we’re in now – and this probably isn’t the right venue, but if you really want me to explain it to you, I’ll try in another email.)”

A lot of people were laid off. You don’t even say from where, but I’m guessing not all of them were employed by a bank, strained as you did to make that connection – you failed. In fact, it’s unclear who the Hell they worked for if at all. You called the 13-year-old ignorant, well sir, I submit to you that it is you and not her that is the ignorant one.

How is it the banks fault your friends were laid off exactly? Did they force them to get a school loan? Buy a car? Rent an apartment? Nope. They did that themselves.

How is it banks all over ‘scammed people and businesses out of everything they had’? I see you built-in a cop-out for having to actually back up that statement. You’re taking an entire graduate level course on it now? Wow really? Graduate level too? So you’re racking up more debt via taking another class eh? Nice!  I know it’s “extremely complex”, but I’m gonna go ahead and call that bluff.  Yes, I would like you to elaborate and you can email me at with your enlightening answer!

By the way, you were wrong — it was totally the right venue to post your complex answer on that blog. If it was the right place to unleash the f-bomb on a 13-year-old, then why not actually explain your verbal abuse of her with ohh.. I don’t know a logical, factual argument.

Some of you kids seem to think history began with you and that you couldn’t possibly be wrong. Well, you are. You accused the young lady of lacking perspective, but it is you who has a lack of perspective. The banks and Wall street didn’t do this to any of you. You did most of what is wrong with your situations to yourselves. The folks with the legitimate gripe out there can beat on their own drums without your help.

Here’s a pro-tip: Life isn’t fair and when you are young you are SUPPOSED to struggle and be poor.

Consider this a second time you’ve been owned and not by a 13-year-old. I’m 40 and I remember the Carter days CLEARLY.  You wouldn’t know about that though, you weren’t even born. Perspective, kid. Perspective.

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A.P. Dillon is a freelance journalist and is currently writing at The North State Journal. She resides in the Triangle area of North Carolina. Find her on Twitter: @APDillon_
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3 Responses to Kid: You’re 26.

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  2. Rob, Thank you for your comment. You are a living example of the reality that a lot of these kids seems to not be able to grasp. They’ve been told that every move they make is some kind of divine action and now they’ve hit a wall of their own making.
    Your point that businesses started laying off people and tightening up their finances in preparation for Obama taking office is also something none of these protesters have factored in. It only got worse once he unleashed his plans for Obamacare. The jobs drying up have very little to do with banks and much more to do with businesses scared stiff of what new horror this administration will announce the next day.
    Your last paragraph is something I didn’t touch on, but I am glad you brought it up. $20 an hour minimum wage would be a disaster — think about that… the kid flipping burgers now would make 40k a year. They think raising the minimum wage will solve poverty level income rates when all it will do it make those jobs suddenly require a college degree and all other jobs will then have to adjust their pay scales accordingly — which will cause layoffs on a massive scale. Incredible…


  3. Rob Martin says:

    The sad part, there are tons of idiot, brain-washed college kids out there right now just like this moron. I was laid off, the day after obama was elected, it wasn’t because of the banks, it was because the company knew what was coming their way and they circled their wagons to keep the doors open for those employees they could manage to keep. After that, I went back to school myself and I get to see the blatant ignorance, arrogance and total lack of a grasp of reality some of these kids and their Hitler like professors demonstrate on a daily basis. It is truly disturbing and sad and I doubt parents realize exactly what their tuition money is going to support.

    Also, from the “graduate” student who got schooled by a thirteen year old, I would love to know what degree he is seeking. Most of the idiots I see are pursuing worthless majors like Fine Arts which is normally taken by people who just want to go get drunk, screw and not have to put any effort into a class. Personally, I am graduating in May in Electrical Engineering which will actually net me a job when I get out, that coupled with my military experience and over a decade of actual industry experience will make what I am doing now worth it. I challenge that kid to take one of my courses and maybe he will get a better understanding of what college is really supposed to be about because if he is taking a graduate level course in how bankers are robbing money from us, he has no clue what college is actually supposed to be about.

    One more point, the OWS hippie wannabe’s claim we need a living wage of $20 an hour minimum because people can’t live on less than that. Well, before I was laid off, I didn’t make $20 an hour yet I could afford my mortgage payment, afford any satellite package/internet/cell phone package I wanted and I drove a Lexus. If I can manage to do that, I would love for one of these lazy bozos explain to me why they can’t afford to live on what I was making. These kids need to grow up and get over themselves because they really have no clue and the rest of us are sick of hearing about their whining and crying.


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