Mad Libs


No, not the word game… but it could be seeing as how the occupiers are throwing around heaps of catch phrases and angry rhetoric that has no basis in reality. This is more like a links version of the game. We now literally have Mad Libs running around the country.

So, are you having trouble keeping track of all the #Occupy stories? Trying to find one place that has a nice collection of links? Look no further! I’ve been bookmarking quite a few of them and decided to share what I’ve gathered thus far. Now all you have to do is bookmark one link – this one. Yes, that was a shameless plug. Heh.

The links go back to the US Day of Rage and end with stories posted today, October 15th, 2011. I likely will do another giant link dump in the coming month. I’ve also started a video playlist on my LadyLiberty1885 YouTube Channel of all of this mayhem: “OccupyWhateverStreet-This is what Democrazy Looks like

Hypocrisy ala Occupy


BeginningsDay Of Rage!

Or as I saw it, Day of Mild Irritation...

  • This started back with the Day of Rage, which I posted about here.
  • The Blaze also has a story here.
  • One of the many lists of Demands is here.  I have the others here.

Who Is Leading This Thing?

The Costs Of It All

The Co-Opters

Unions, DNC, Obama, Obama Bundlers, ACORN, Code Pink,  Anarchists, Socialists, Communists, Nazi’s… and a Partridge in a State owned Pear treeeeeee!

Chuckles & Hypocrisy

#Occupy Articles

The 99% vs the 53%

#Occupy Tweets






















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