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Shiny Objects. That’s today’s topic. The shiny objects are distracting, no? Shiny objects are being manufactured by the Obama Administration. From day one, this administration has pointed at the sky and yelled ‘Hey look up there’ and, at first, we fell for it. Not so much these days though. Let’s look at some shiny objects in the last few months. I’m not going to do the Birth certificate in this Shiny Objects post, because it’s been done to death.  I’m only listing a choice few here, but once you see it you can’t un-see it. You’ll never look at another big press conference, photo-op or announcement from this administration the same way.


Nice try Holder. You knew about this in May, Obama was briefed in June and you decide to announce it in October — on the same day you’re expecting a subpoena for the Fast and Furious? Riiiiight. Had to save this one seeing as you already announced Bin Laden around the same time frame this went down, eh?


Just ran out for some Lysol, ya'll!

Wasn’t it just amazing luck that a White House Press Corp. AP Photographer happened to be at the VERY same Target Michelle Obama was the other day?  The timing of this little foray into the world of the great unwashed didn’t happen to have anything to do with the release of the cost of your family vacation to Africa, now did it? Nah!


Obama announced his American Jobs Act on September 8th. His big National push on it came during his weekly address on September 17th. It was already receiving feedback as nothing but a campaign platform and not a jobs bill, but a tax bill. That same day of his weekly address, September 17th, the US Day of Rage(Now the #Occupy Movement) was started. Talk about the ultimate shiny thing. Pockets of Lefties clogging up urban areas chanting the class warfare rhetoric of this President.

(Photo: Reuters) An Occupy Wall Street protester and her dog sleep at Zuccotti Park in lower Manhattan in New York October 3, 2011. CLICK IMAGE FOR STORY

His polling numbers are in the trash across the board, his Jobs Act was just punted by both parties, his foreign policy (or lack thereof) is a disaster, our economy is tanking, we’ve gotten our first ever credit downgrade, stimulus give-aways to his pals, the Green Boondoggle, Gunwalker and now even his donors are running for cover. His Presidency is imploding like something out of a Wiley Coyote Cartoon. What better to distract the Right hand from what the Left hand is doing than his very own Arab Spring? This kind of Fundamental Transformation doesn’t happen overnight. It takes serious messing with the current system, which we have seen him do rather systematically. This is a man with a plan and you can bet he and his pals planned for a variety of smoke screens along the way.  It’s no coincidence Obama’s Union friends have swiftly co-opted the movement either. Funnily enough, none of the occupiers have seemed to make the connection that Dear Leader is not only the responsible party for much of their complaints.  He’s also received more of that ‘Wall street money’ than any President in 20 years. How does that suit the occupiers blood  lust for decrying money in politics?


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