Obama Girl: NC Edition

 Bev Perdue: Obama Girl To The Core.

If you live in North Carolina like I do, this was readily apparent in 2008. We watched this woman model herself after Obama and take directions from him in 2009 with her trip to the White House and subsequent taxpayer paid trip to China.  Why did she go there? “To grow jobs in NC.” Oh, you mean like Cree, Bev? Or perhaps WestStar Precision?

Perdue with Obama at WestStar, the company sending most of it's jobs to Costa Rica

In 2010, NC voters had enough. In an historic election, Republicans took back control of the legislature. For the first time since 1898, Republicans overtook Democrats with majority control of the NC House and Senate. Those keeping up with the large number of Veto’s Perdue has been racking up hopefully are now be aware of her Obama-esque policies, pals and agenda – in particular ‘Green Jobs‘.

Perdue having an 'Elvis' moment seeing 'The One'.

The House has overturned some of her vetoes – the most telling and possibly most damning one being her veto of the Budget. The override passed 73-46; many of her own party defecting. Her veto was purely political with a total lack of basis in reality and her predictable ‘scare tactic’ statement after the override was proof positive. She loves to spend just like her pal, Obama.

Feel The Love

She and Obama also share another passion, one that includes murder  – Bev Perdue vetoed the Abortion Waiting Period Bill. Like Obama, she says one thing then does another…until it becomes politically convenient to flip-flop again. Just like her hero, her ‘jobs tour‘ across NC was less about Jobs and more about fundraising. Crony capitalism in NC is thriving under Perdue. She also has her own version of Obama’s failed tip site and #attackwatch site called NCthinks. She pushes it specifically to State employees in this video. She blows some serious sunshine up the State Employees butts in that video, meanwhile in 2010 she axed raises ( and 2,000 jobs) for all state employees, and  instead chose to highlight the dire plight and repercussions of the these cuts to teachers salaries. Small wonder, since Perdue is Best-Friends-Forever with SEANC, the state employee group tied to the teachers lobby in NC. SEANC has become the latest member of the SEIU. Perdue carried water for the SEIU via Executive Order in January of 2010. This order set forth the creation of a “formal procedure for “meet and confer” gatherings between agencies and representatives of the State Employees Association of North Carolina, which is Local 2008 of the Service Employees International Union”. Go figure!  I saw them in action this past February in Raleigh with my own eyes as MoveOn.org, the SEIU and SEANC decided to stage their own Wisconsin-style rally, complete with chanting ‘workers rights are human rights’ and hyperbolic signage…but I digress. Back to the veto where a number of Dems jumped ship –  Not all of her party has forsaken her. Some of the Democrats in NC rallied around her  with this video:

They urged her to veto just about everything coming down the pike, “let her know to veto any radical, regressive Republican bill that comes across her desk“. In other words, almost every bill. To be blunt, Perdue is their progressive Democrat hero, second only to Obama.

Speaking of heroes, who does Perdue look up to? Sarah Parker, JFK and then she mentions Reagan:

“I’ve been intrigued by Ronald Reagan. I wouldn’t call him a hero, but I do really admire someone who can be charming and manipulative at the same time.”  I about fell off my chair when I watched that the first time.  I wonder, does she feel equally intrigued by Obama? After all, he is one helluva charmer and definitely a manipulator.

Your recent attempt to write off what you really think as a joke isn’t working. As they say around these parts, ‘that dog don’t hunt’. Hey Bev, I can see 2012 from my house and so can the rest of us. You were historic being the first woman Governor of NC,  just like Obama as the first Half-Black President.  Just like him, you are going to be one and done, baby. One and done.

Update 9-29-11: Zilla of the Resistance has written more on Governor Perdue here. You need to read what she wrote regarding calls for Perdue’s Impeachment due to her recent comments, prior attempts to suspend Constitutional rights and her travel expense improprieties currently being investigated.

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A.P. Dillon is a freelance journalist and is currently writing at The North State Journal. She resides in the Triangle area of North Carolina. Find her on Twitter: @APDillon_
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