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These are the Morning Links for September 20, 2011    

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  • Hilarity: MoveOn.Org Running a new ad. Yes, there is video.
  • Wasserbeast: Ethics charges filed against her. Finally.
  • Waking up: 63% support Peter King’s hearings on Radical Homegrown Islam.
  • Day of Mild Irritation: Day or rage was an utter failure. More pictures here too.
  • The Progressive Income Tax: In charts. So, who isn’t paying their fair share again? Related: Instapundit on Chuck Schumer’s desire to make people pay their fair share by geography. Also, I posted this lie from MoveOn already, but it’s related to those charts and makes me smile.
  • Angry Voters: They had Zombie Tea Party as a game, we have Angry Voters. It’s actually pretty fun.
  • Hey Hey, Ho Ho: Union thug leads a pack of hungry liberals onto Capitol Hill to demand more rich people be offered up to their sacrifical altar.
  • I call Bullshit: FBI – Violent crime down 6 percent in 2010.
  • Riots: In Switzerland. Wait, what?
  • E-Verify: It’s being banned in California. Will CA please, please just leave the union and become part of Mexico already?
  • Gamers Pwn: “Online gamers have achieved a feat beyond the realm of Second Life or Dungeons and Dragons: they have deciphered the structure of an enzyme of an AIDS-like virus that had thwarted scientists for a decade.”
  • Sucker Punch Incoming: Act now, people! “the union cronies within the Department of Labor will require every private-sector employer and service provider (whether or not they ever talk directly to employees) to file financial statements with the Obama Labor Department if the service provider’s services indirectly affect employees’ choice to unionize or not.” It’s supposedly ‘scrapped’ but go comment anyway – we know this administration too well. The comments close Wednesday – BE HEARD! Click HERE **

Campaign 2012:

Debate Schedule


In honor of the President’s latest attempt to turn Americans against each other, I have renamed the ‘Obama Hates America Section to AttaaaaaaackWaaaaaatch.Com; seeing as it contains mostly what he seems to want reported this seems only fitting.

  • 250k: The cost per job of Obama’s proposed jobs plan.
  • The Buffett Rule: Ought top apply just to Buffett. Maybe all of Hollywood. It’s just been debunked by the AP of all sources.
  • Even the UK gets it: Obama declares war on the middle class: Families earning over $250,000-a-year are clobbered by President’s $1.5trillion tax raid.
  • Class Warfare: Pay Your Fair Share…which means your share and a dozen other people’s share. Related: Reid really lays it on thick. Did he really just blame the rich for the debt he, Nancy and Barry created? Yep. Watch the Millionaires ‘disappear’ like they did when MD raised targeted taxes on them.
  • Solargate: Watergate times three. Solyndra’s Legal Team. It’s time to appoint a Special Counsel.
  • LightSquared: Megyn Kelly Interviews the Founder.
  • Fast & Furious: Secret ATF tapes… oh my. More here. More here from CBS (audio). Can we get a Special Prosecutor NOW??
  • Hostile Environment: Apparently Obama doesn’t like women much.
  • President Downgrade: On the verge of another one, warning says.
  • 67%: The percentage of voters not fooled by Obama on Israel.
  • Class Warfare: Obama’s Big Plan is to Buying Votes From Financially Jealous People.
  • $38,500: The maximum cost per plate of Barry’s ‘small gathering’ fundraiser in NYC. 60 people is small? If they each paid the top dollar per plate, that’s $2,148,000. Of course, us ‘poor people’ he keeps making poorer can try and win a dinner with him for a mere $5.

The ROPAT mayhem and murder roundup:

ROPAT = The Religion Of Peace And Tolerance…and a growing stack of bodies.

  • PBS: Doing a feature on the GZV Mosque and it’s ‘grand opening. Disgusting.
  • I am certain this FBI trainer will be sent to a Political Correctness Re-Education camp very soon. Related: FBI bows to CAIR and drops counter-terrorism training.
  • Islam is a Political System, NOT a religion. Visit the embedded links.
  • Yemen: 50 dead as protesters storm military complex.
  • Palestine: Palestinian Authority chooses mother of four jailed jihadist murderers to launch statehood campaign. Palestine is a lie.
  • Saudi Arabia: If your a sorcerer watch out!  Let this be a warning, muslim muggles like to behead you.
  • UK: Seven misunderstanders of Islam arrested in anti-terror operation.
  • UK: Al-Qaeda jihadist sentenced to 10 years in prison in 2008 is released.
  • NYC: Logans warning has a two parter on his experiences on his way to attending the Freedom Rally. Part I is here, Part II is here. The stupidity of people never ceases to astound me.

Your morning laugh, or cry, depending on how you see it:

Day of Raaaaaaage: If I was her bra, I’d have run away too.


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