Nanny State Claims Another Chain

Darden, owner of restaurants like the Olive Garden. LongHorn and Red Lobster, is the latest to succumb to Michelle Obama’s Food Police machine. As the unelected ‘Food Czar’, she is determined to make sure our portions are smaller, but the bill we pay remains the same.

She’s appointed herself First Mother to the nation and is strong-arming every business related to food she can find. Anyone who has read my blog knows with what high regard I hold the First Hamburglar and her ‘Veggies for thee, but not for me’ hypocrisy. I take special issues with her forcing restaurants to change their menus. This is a free market and we should be free to choose what and where we eat just as the restaurant should be free to dictate its own menu.  It’s one thing to educate the public on content, ingredients and the like but it is wholly another thing to force change by removing freedom of choice.

I also take offense at the 1% milk being made standard unless you ask for something else. Why? My kid is a rail. Kids under the age of 10 NEED the fats milk provide to support their bones and organs. It sounds all healthy to shift to 1% milk, but for children that’s a total junk science lie. Also, Darden promised The First Nanny this: “Not to display carbonated beverages on children’s menus.” So we’ve got a nice addition of censorship too? Does removing them from the menu somehow make them not exist anymore? Come on.

The lefty media is eating it up and poo-pooing any dissenters. One article that caught my eye was this one in the Orlando Sentinel.  The author is either very deluded or flat-out naive: “All of that over simple changes such as veggies instead of French fries as the automatic side item on the children’s menu? These changes are the result of the free market. The idea that Darden suddenly changed its business model to cater to the whims of the White House is just silly.”  Really? The FLOTUS slapping Darden around like she did Wal-Mart and the Fast Food Chains is the normal result of Free Market movement? Get real, Lady!

One thing is for certain, she is bringing down a lot of pressure on these businesses and is just as skilled as her husband in waging war on the free market.

About A.P. Dillon

A.P. Dillon is a freelance journalist and is currently writing at The North State Journal. She resides in the Triangle area of North Carolina. Find her on Twitter: @APDillon_
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5 Responses to Nanny State Claims Another Chain

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  2. absolutely pathetic! how unhealthy was olive garden? soup and salads..eeeek! wait they also have the dreaded pastas too don’t they. She takes her girls out for deep fried fat cakes, and we can’t even see a picture of soda on a children’s menu?! I don’t care what Lady O thinks, I personaly will never eat at Olive Garden again because of this.


  3. Sharon Maust says:

    Mrs Obama please stay out of my business. I do have a brain and I shall eat and drink what I think is best for me


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